Working at height is stressful enough as it is. The added pressure of potential safety hazards caused by dropped tools certainly doesn’t help. 

Two construction workers working at height on skyscraper

This is why tool tethering is a crucial component of any job site safety program. 


While tool tethering won’t slow you down on the job site, there are three components of a proper tool tethering system that need to be considered when tethering your tools: Attachment points, connectors, and anchorage points. 


But what if you could avoid having to choose the right attachment point yourself? 


This is where lanyard-ready tools come in. 


What is a Lanyard-Ready Tool?

As the name suggests, lanyard-ready tools are tools that come equipped with the proper attachment point for a lanyard without any additions needed. 


Often when you purchase a tool, you need to acquire or create an attachment point to use a lanyard with it. On the other hand, you can purchase any lanyard-ready tool with a lanyard and you’re good to go. Not only is this an added layer of convenience, but it also means that you have the best possible attachment point for the tool in question. 


There are several types of attachment points available for tools that can require a bit of research to ensure that you’re using the right one. With lanyard-ready tools, this step is removed. 

There are two types of lanyard-ready tools:

  1. Lanyard-ready hand tools
  2. Lanyard-ready power tools

Lanyard-ready hand tools include common handheld tools often used at height, including wrenches, utility knives, and even wrecking bars. 


As an example, here is a lanyard-ready double-end box wrench:

As you can see, an attachment point is fitted to the middle of the wrench to connect a lanyard. 


Similarly, a heavier hand tool such as a wrecking bar can come lanyard-ready as well:

While all tools are dangerous when dropped from height, a wrecking bar would be especially hazardous considering the weight. 


Lanyard-ready power tools come in both corded and cordless varieties. 

Here’s an example of a lanyard-ready cordless impact driver:

The attachment point is located near the battery area ready for a lanyard to be fitted to the tool.

dewalt tethered

Corded power tools can be hazardous when working at height due to the cord becoming a potential trip hazard. This makes it even more important to ensure that they’re properly secured.

This small angle grinder weighs in at over 6 pounds, meaning it could cause serious damage if dropped. The attachment point is located near the cord. 


Lanyard-Ready Tools Eliminate the Guesswork From Choosing a Proper Attachment Point

Convenience is often key on the job site. With lanyard-ready hand tools and power tools, you aren’t left wondering which attachment point is right for your tool. You simply need to choose an appropriate lanyard and secure it to your pre-chosen attachment point. 


Purchase your lanyard-ready tools and rest assured that your job site is free from drop hazards and safety concerns. 

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