Delta, Making the World Safer One Harness at a Time

When looking for a safe and reliable full body harness, Delta should be at the top of your list. For over 20 years they have been designing and researching to perfect the full body harness. Their latest line of harnesses will go above and beyond your expectations with durability, convenience, and comfort. Come check out our line of Delta Harnesses here or continue reading about the feature and benefits below.

Tough doesn’t only describe the users of this harness, but also the harness itself. All the hardware on this harness has a corrosion-resistant finish making sure it lasts and works just like it came out of the box. The webbing featured on this harness is made from water-repellant and abrasion-resistant material, allowing it to be used in any working environment. These Delta harnesses also boast a 420 lb. carrying capacity. This allows even the largest of user the confidence that this harness will hold their weight and the weight of their tools safely and securely.

Delta’s patented triangular design allows you to don them quickly and easily without it getting caught or tangled up on you. The Revolver torso adjusters help make adjustments fast and secure. Also the spring-loaded dorsal D-ring makes for fast, easy, and safe connections to your fall arrest system. To lighten the load of these harnesses they feature Tech-Lite aluminum alloy buckles, this helps to reduce the amount of energy required to do your job. Finally to make sure your harness is always safe for use, they include an i-Safe system to provide you an efficient, digital way to record and store information on all inspections.

When your job requires you to wear a harness for hours on end you want to make sure it’s safe as well as comfortable. Delta’s harnesses hold their shape so the shoulder straps won’t rub and irritate your neck while moving about. The comfort hip pads are made from  soft, breathable materials and ergonomically support your back and hips while bearing heavy loads. With all these great features and benefits you would be foolish not try one of these harnesses. Come check out and buy one of our Delta Harnesses here, we know you won’t be disappointed.


Delta Harnesses

Delta Harnesses

Stay Warm and Safe This Winter by Shopping at

The cold weather is officially here and along with it comes a number of health concerns and dangers to the workplace. The cold not only makes your workers uncomfortable, but it also lowers work efficiency and raises the risk of accidents. The cold weather impairs the mind to perform complex mental tasks leading to mix ups and miscommunications. It also affects manual tasks because the sensitivity and dexterity of fingers are reduced in the cold. The only way to avoid these dangers are by making sure everyone is prepared and dressed in the appropriate apparel. Keep you and your workers warm from head to toe with the help from us at

Headwear and Gloves

Headwear and Gloves

Most of your heat loss comes from your head, so having a good winter liner is a must. We have a various number of different lengths and warmths to choose from and while you’re there you might as well grab one of our Hi-Vis Knit Hats too. Next on the list is an appropriate winter coat or jacket. Our Hi-Vis 7 in 1 All Conditions Winter Coat is the perfect fit for all types of weather, including the coldest of days.  Not only is it a Class 3 winter coat, but it can also be worn as a Class 2 jacket or vest depending on the weather. When you’re working with your hands all day keeping them warm is the number one goal in staying effective and a pair of our Cold Weather Gloves will do just that. Our Thermo Winter Workmans Gloves will keep your hands warm and protected, along with providing excellent grip to help with the difficulties of the cold. The final piece to stay warm and comfortable is a pair of our 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insoles. The insoles will provide you with foot-forming comfort, moisture wicking for dryness, and exceptional warmth. Warm workers are not only happier, but they also lead to a safer and more effective workplace. So keep everyone safe and warm this winter with some help from us here at

Winter Coat and Insoles

Winter Coat and Insoles

Come Check Out Our New In-Store Displays at Our Long Island City Location

The showroom at our Long Island City location currently has two new displays being shown. The first display consists of Stanley and DeWalt hand tools. Some of the hand tools being displayed include levels, tape rules, pry bars, hammers, and much more. Our Stanley 24” FatMax Extreme Box Beam Levels are only $29.99 each. And our DeWalt Wrecking Bars are priced from $13.79 – $17.99 each. There are many more great deals on our hand tools, so come out and fill up your toolbox at a discounted price.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

The other display at the Long Island City location features Powers products and DeWalt power tools. The Powers products include adhesive and mechanicals anchors, carbide drill bits, expansion foams, and gas fastening tools and accessories. Insulate and seal any drafty windows or doors you may have with our Powers TriggerFoam Pro Window & Door Formula, only $10.40 each. They will practically pay for themselves with the money you save on heat this winter. We want to give you the best price possible on our entire DeWalt power tool selection, so we have made them local pickup only.

Powers TriggerFoam Pro

Powers TriggerFoam Pro

In addition to our new displays the Long Island City location also features a stock warehouse. To make thing more convenient for you the customer we will gladly transfer any items from our larger Brooklyn warehouse to the Long Island City location for local pickups. This will help cut down on the price for you by eliminating any shipping costs you normally would incur by getting these product delivered to you directly. These deals won’t last forever so make sure to come visit us soon at 4818 Van Dam Street, Long Island City New York or shop online at

The Definition of Fall Protection is the New Protecta Rebel AD111A SRL from Capital Safety

Protecta Rebel AD111A SRL

Protecta Rebel AD111A SRL

When you’re walking on an I-beam 100 feet in the air and one misstep could end in tragedy, there is only one name that one can trust, Capital Safety. They have set the standards for the ultimate in fall protection and with their new Protect Rebel AD111A SRL ( Self Retracting Lifeline ) they’ve managed to improve on their already flawless products.

With it’s self locking snap hook, you can feel safe that you have a constant, locked connection at all times. Should that slip actually occur, the Rebel AD111A has a unique speed sensing brake that will slow and stop the fall within inches keeping unwanted harmful forces to a minimum.

The Rebel AD111A is made with a housing of rugged aluminum all with stainless steel working components, allowing it to take a beating while always working up to it’s high standards. It’s strong, durable construction boasts a supporting capacity of 310 lbs and a maximum arresting force of 900 lbs. The 11 ft. super-strength thin webbing retracts compactly back into the housing reducing fall clearance and trip hazards.  The Rebel AD111A is made for comfort and ease of use, it will increase worker productivity and reduce worker fatigue.

 With its competitive pricing, employers can add safety to their workplace by replacing lanyards out with Rebel AD111A SRLs. Each SRL comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and workmanship, plus no annual recertification is required. They meet all applicable standards including OSHA, ANSI Z359.1 and CSA. Come check out the Rebel AD111A SRL and the rest of our line of Protecta Rebel Self Retracting Lifelines here.

Fall Promo 2013

Dozens of deals on waste, material handing and cleaning products, hand tools, winter safety wear, fall protection, personal protection equipment, power tools, and Buckets of Bolts!  Click on the link below

Fall Promo 2013

Get a Grip on Life with CarryMate Material Handling Products

The new tile floor is installed, cabinets are hung, and now there is only one more hurdle before the office lounge is fully renovated. Unfortunately, that last hurdle happens to be the one that you’ve been dreading since the beginning. Staring you and your workers in the face is a 8′ x 4′, 420 lbs. slate of granite. Your workers stand around looking at each other thinking,  how are we going to move this? Will my back hold up lifting this weight? What if we lose grip and smash the new tile floor?

Eliminate all these questions and concerns by grabbing a pair of CarryMate Transport Grips. Made of sturdy aluminium with self adjusting clamps, these transport grips will allow you to lift up to 220 lbs. per grip (440 lbs. per pair). Not only can you lift sheet materials with ease, but with the CarryMate Transport Grips you don’t have to worry about the material slipping out and causing a safety hazard. These grips are absolutely slip-proof and covered with a special coating so that even the most polished materials will remain scratch free during transport. The grips can be placed wherever is most suitable for the user, allowing their carrying arm to remain straight and more relaxed. The CarryMates one handed design allows the user can use their free hand to support the material or move obstacles out of the way. The CarryMate Transport Grips come in three different sizes: CarryMate 5 – span width 0 – 80 mm., CarryMate Senior – span width 40 – 120 mm., and CarryMate XL – span width 80 – 160 mm. Come pick out the right CarryMate Transport Grip for you here.

CarryMate Transport Grips

CarryMate Transport Grips

Along with the CarryMate Transport Grips there are also the CarryMate T-Grips. These grips operate the same way as the Transport Grips, but instead they are designed for two users per grip. This design allows for a more even weight distribution and less stress on the users. The T-Grips are also made with sturdy aluminium and feature the same self adjusting, slip-proof clamps. Just like the Transport Grips, each grip can hold up to 220 lbs. (440 lbs. per pair). T-Grips come in three sizes: CarryMate TG 80 – span width 0 – 80 mm., CarryMate TG 120 – span width 40 – 120 mm., and CarryMate TG 160 – span width 80 – 160 mm.

CarryMate T-Grips

CarryMate T-Grips

For easy installation of doors and drywall you need to check out our CarryMate Portman panel and door swivel lifters. They come in two styles: the CarryMate Portman XL and CarryMate Portman XXL. Made from steel these swivel lifters are made to last. They will lift, swivel, and lower materials all with the control of your foot. The Portman XL will lift up to 250 lbs. and the Portman XXL will lift up to 440 lbs. Make your life easier and come check our selection of all these CarryMate material handle products here on

CarryMate Portman Swivel Lifters

CarryMate Portman Swivel Lifters



Capital Safety Improves Sharp Edge Protection with the New Nano-Lok Edge SRL

Capital Safety has developed and introduced a revolutionary new Self Retracting Lifeline that continues to add safety on the job site. The new Nano-Lok Edge is a back-mounted SRL specifically designed for foot level tie-off and sharp edge applications. I-beams normally have edge radii that can be as sharp as .005″. Typical lifelines would be cut or damaged on edges this sharp, but Nano-Lok Edge SRLs are designed to perform in these conditions. With an innovative combination of lifeline materials, energy absorption, and harness connection the Nano-Lok Edge reduces forces on both the worker and the edge. If safety is your #1 goal than Nano-Lok Edge is the SRL for you. Learn more and check out the Nano-Lok Edge in action with our supplemental video here.

Nano-Lok Edge Lifeline

Not only does the new Nano-Lok Edge decrease fall clearance requirements, but it also reduces potential trip hazards by retracting any unused lifeline. While traditional foot level tie-off products require a fall clearance of up to 18.5′, the Nano-Lok Edge requires a clearance as low as 16′. The Nano-Lok Edge is ergonomically designed for comfort while still meeting the most stringent safety standards. It comes in single and twin leg styles with numerous options of lifeline hooks. With the twin leg style the user can have continuous fall protection (100 % tie-off) while ascending, descending, or moving laterally.  Stop living on the edge and check out our full line of Nano-Lok Edge SRLs here.

Nano-Lok Edge Features and Benefits

Nano-Lok Edge Single and Twin Leg SRLs

Nano-Lok Edge Single and Twin Leg SRLs

    • The energy absorber and connector work together to limit forces to defeat sharp edges. Backpack design that stays tight to the harness and evenly disperses the unit’s weight.
    • Providing 360 degree rotation, the direct-to-harness connection provides seamless integration of the energy absorber and leaves the D-ring open for rescue or other equipment.
    • DBI-SALA universal icon to quickly and easily identify sharp edge product.
    • The 8′(2.4m) of 3/16″(5mm) cable provides maximum range of motion, durability, and cut resistance.
    • Lightweight thermoplastic housing provides maximum durability.
    • Designed to meet your unique needs, the Nano-Lok™ edge comes in many configurations.


Nano-Lok Edge Lifeline Hooks

Nano-Lok Edge Lifeline Hooks

New Tanner Hand Tool Catalog

Introducing our new 2013 Hand Tool Catalog, full of professional grade hand tools for experienced professional contractors who need exceptional performance and durability on the job.

Products featured include jobsite storage equipment, measuring and layout tools, saws and hammers, demolition tools, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, clamps, sockets and ratchets, marking paints, snips, and bolt cutters

Download the pdf for reference or click on a link to buy:


5 Ways to Extend The Life of a Circular Saw Blade

Morse CSM14B

Tools are an investment, and you want to make sure you get the best return on your investment possible. Even after you purchase the tools, replacement parts can be costly. Over the course of a year, the expense of pieces like saw blades or grinding wheels adds up. As with all tools, maintenance and selection are key to minimizing the amount you spend on replacements.

In the case of saw blades, it is important to know that the blades made to cut through metal are more expensive than the circular blades that only cut wood. That is to say that not all saw blades are alike. For example, the Morse Metal Devil® metal cutting saw blade is able to cut through a solid steel plate that measures 6” x ¼” in less than 12 seconds. By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your saw blades and lower the overall cost-per-cut.

Dry cut technology

When you have to use a lubricant or coolant on a blade, you run the risk of using too much and causing a build-up on the blade as well as the saw. This compromises the performance of both. However, it is important to make sure the integrity of the steel is not reduced through friction related heating. Some saw blades, Metal Devil® included, are engineered to use dry cut technology. That means they can perform the task without creating too much heat and without the use of any kind of coolant. The blades you choose make a difference.

Correct application

It may be possible to pound a nail with a pipe wrench, but a hammer would do the job better and with more efficiency. Not all blades perform the same functions. Choose the proper blade design for the best performance. Know whether you will be cutting steel, thin steel or aluminum before deciding which blade you need. Using an aluminum blade to cut steel will not provide the results you want and will wear the blade down prematurely.

Secure the material

Before you cut anything with a circular saw, clamp it down well to keep it from vibrating or spinning. Such motions create unnecessary, additional work for the blade. If you are cutting a tube, Morse has V-block clamps available.

Use the entire blade

Allow the blade to reach as far out of the saw as possible and use a straight edge of some sort to make the cut. This expands the surface area of the blade being used and spreads the work more evenly across the entire blade instead of just the edge.

Take your time

Allow the rotation of the blade to reach full speed before beginning a cut, and do not push (or add pressure to) the saw as it goes through the material. Take your time and let the teeth make the cut and pull the saw forward.

Whether you’re using your circular saw to cut steel for a building or to customize a solar panel mounting, get the most out of each cut by doing your part to prolong the life of the blade.


The Importance of Code Compliant Anchors

When you’re shopping for anchors, you may notice that many of them will say that they are “code compliant.” If you’re new to the world of purchasing anchors, you may not fully understand what this means, and the value of them.  To help you become much more knowledgeable about purchasing the best anchors on the market, we’re going to tell you the meaning behind “code compliant anchors.”


About Code Compliant Anchors

When someone builds a building, the builder is expected to make the structure as safe as possible. This includes every type of structure imaginable such as condos, malls, hospitals, schools, and more. During the construction, everyone involved in the planning and building phases must be sure they are considering the structural safety of the building. The point of this is to ensure that once the structure is complete, it is stable and strong to withstand damage and most elements.

To hold owners, engineers, contractors, inspectors and code officials responsible for the safe construction of structures, International Building or Residential Codes have been implemented. Currently, 49 states have these codes in effect.

In these codes, all individuals working on the planning, design and construction of structures must use code compliant items to remain within the parameters of the code. Those not using code compliant items can and will receive ramifications.

It’s important to know that in these codes, there are some structures in which you do not need to use code compliant anchors. This includes non-structural anchoring. An example of non-structural anchoring is drywall fastening. Since the drywall doesn’t directly affect the strength of the structure, the code does not require code compliant anchors.

What the code does make a point to advise people involved in structure construction is that anytime steel anchors and adhesive anchors must be used, they must be code compliant. While most of these anchors are compliant, you may sometimes find some that do not mention code compliance. When a product doesn’t say that it is code compliant, it does not meet the compliance standards. It’s best to always check with the manufacturer of the product or call the distributor with questions about compliance.  (Tanner Fasteners is always happy to answer code compliance questions for you).

It’s for the Best

The International Building or Residential Codes aren’t put into place to make your life more difficult or cause you to have to spend more money. They are enforced to ensure the safety of everyone living, working, or visiting newly built structures. When you think of the devastation of a building falling apart while people are inside, it can make you feel much more compelled to seek out the items under the code’s compliance guidelines.

At Tanner Fasteners and Industrial Supplies, we provide the best supply of code compliant anchors. We also have a wide selection tamper proof screws and grinding wheel. No matter the construction project you’re facing, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the supplies you need to get the job done quickly, easily, and safely. Call us today with any questions at toll free 800-456-2658.

Fastener Facts and FAQs

Keeping up with technology is a challenge. Each new gadget has a different feature than its predecessor, but who really knows the difference between the two? If you want to know the difference between the iPhone4 and the iPhone5, you ask someone who works for the company. If you want to know the pros and cons of HDTV versus 3D, you ask somebody in the television industry. If you want to know about construction fasteners, ask us. Below are some questions we are asked more often than others.

What type of screw gun should be used to install self drilling screws?

For optimal performance, the screw gun should meet the following characteristics:

  • 1800 to 2500 RPM variable speed
  • 6 to 8 amp motor
  • adjustable torque sensitive clutch mechanism
  • depth adjusting nosepiece

What is the difference between a self drilling screw and a self tapping screw?

Just because the names sound similar doesn’t mean they are one in the same. A self drilling screw is designed with a drill bit point. That special point helps to drill into metal without requiring holes to be pre-drilled. Primarily used for metal only, self drilling screws are also known as “tek” screws.

A self tapping screw, on the other hand, has a sharp point with threads and is usually designated as either type “A” or “AB”. (The difference between the two types is the thread size and pitch.) A self tapping screw carves its own thread as it’s being installed, similar to a tap. The difference lies in the fact that a self tapping screw, unlike a tap, requires a pre-drilled hole.

What is the difference between 304 and 316 Stainless Steel?

Not only does the shape of the screw, the style of the tip or the pitch of the threads matter, so does the material that makes up the screw. 304 Stainless Steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Molybdenum (“Moly”) is added in the 316 Stainless Steel so the percentages differ slightly, with 316 containing 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum. The purpose of adding the moly is to help the fasteners last longer by resisting corrosion to chlorides like salt water or de-icing materials.

What is a flat undercut screw head?

There are circumstances in which you need more thread and less head in a small amount of space. Flat undercut screw heads are supplied to allow more room on the body of the screw for usable thread. The head height of undercut screws is approximately two-thirds the height of standard flat head screws. Drive depths are reduced proportionately.

Is there a security nut available that cannot be removed?

Security fasteners protect property from theft and misuse. Security screws are constructed with specialty heads that prevent any unauthorized person (anyone without the proper, hard-to-obtain tool) from removing them. And, yes, there are security nuts, too. After tightening to the proper torque, the hex section of a break-away nut shears off leaving a conical nut that cannot be removed.