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Lenox Hole Saws Offered Here at Tanner

Bi-Metal Hole Saws Lenox’s unique tooth shape evenly distributes the cutting force over a wider area of the tooth. The variable tooth set and height ensure that each tooth works independently, with super efficiency....

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M.K. Morse Hole Saws Offered Here at Tanner

Advanced Edge Bi-Metal Hole Saw Durability, quality, and reliability are combined to provide you with the hardest working hole saw in the industry. PTP technology increases material removal and provides more control of the...

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5 Ways to Extend The Life of a Circular Saw Blade

Tools are an investment, and you want to make sure you get the best return on your investment possible. Even after you purchase the tools, replacement parts can be costly. Over the course of...

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Taper Shank Drills

702 Taper Shank Drills for drilling a wide variety of materials where the driving machinery has a taper shank and/or arbor. Watch it in action here!

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BCS550 Makita Saw

The BCS550 Makita Saw is a top of the line metal cutting saw. Some specs include a 2 inch cutting capacity, 3600 RPM high torque blade for a clean cut edge, and an 18...

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Finding the Right Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheels are much like sand paper. Depending on the task, there are many different types of grinding wheels, and each is suited for a particular task or tool. Grinding and cut off wheels...

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Grinding Wheels for the Right Application

United Abrasives is one of the industry-leading  manufacturers of grinding wheels and cut-off disks in North America. With a plant on the eastern seaboard, and warehouses in Ontario, Canada and Utah, USA, United Abrasives...