Many tools are used on the job site, from small hand tools to big and heavy power tools. 

Regardless of the size, when these tools are used at height, a tether is necessary. Without one, even a tool weighing less than a pound can be lethal to those standing below. Fitting your tools with an attachment point and securing a lanyard to them ensures that your tools aren’t going anywhere. 

You can purchase your own tools and fit an attachment point to them yourself. 


But what if you could skip that step altogether?


Lanyard-ready tools are the solution. The question is: Which tools are available pre-assembled with attachment points? 


Let’s dive into some staple tools that you can purchase lanyard-ready. 

What are Lanyard-Ready Tools?

Putting it simply, lanyard-ready tools are tools that come with pre-fitted attachment points to attach a lanyard. 


Instead of attempting a DIY tool tethering solution that could result in injury, your newly purchased tool comes fitted with an appropriate attachment point chosen by our experts. You’ll simply need to purchase the proper lanyard for the tool in question. 

Lanyard-Ready Tool Collection

Lanyard-ready tools fall into two categories:

  1. Hand tools
  2. Power tools

Here are some staple tools from each category that you can purchase from Tanner.

Antivibe Ball Pein Hammer Tether-Ready

Hammers are a common tool used on nearly any job site. When working at height, however, even the lightest hammer can be a hazard. This hammer comes with a pre-assembled attachment point near the head. 

Proto Adjustable Wrench

Grab this ball hammer from the Tanner website for $59.07.

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Another staple tool, the adjustable wrench is a common drop hazard culprit when working at height. Despite being smaller in size, they still require an appropriate lanyard. 

Proto’s Tether-Ready Adjustable Wrenches come in sizes ranging from 8 to 18 inches. They also come with a lanyard pre-attached for added convenience. 

Proto® 10-189C-TT Tether-Ready Retractable Knife

Grab this 8” Proto® J708L-TT Tether-Ready Adjustable Wrench for $69.55

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Retractable knives are frequently carried by workers on the job site, and they can often be forgotten about when working at height. Even the smallest of retractable knives can cause a surprising amount of damage or injury when dropped from height.

The Proto Tether-Ready Retractable knife comes with a quick ring attachment point at the base of the handle. Simply attach a lanyard and the knife is good to go.

Proto® 55-130-TT Tether-Ready Wrecking Bar

This retractable knife is available from Tanner for $18.40.

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Larger hand tools can be fitted with attachment points as well, such as this wrecking bar. Proto’s Tether-Ready Wrecking Bar features an attachment point near the center of the bar ready for a lanyard with an appropriate weight rating. 

DeWalt Lanyard-Ready Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill

Get the Proto Tether-Ready Wrecking Bar for just $48.18.

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Power tools need to be tethered when used at height as well. Not only can they be a major safety hazard, but they also tend to be more expensive to replace when damaged as well. 

This hammer drill features an attachment point near the battery housing. All you’ll need is a weight-appropriate lanyard. 


DeWalt TLR-DCL043 Lanyard-Ready Jobsite LED Spotlight

Grab your new DeWalt Hammer Drill for $189.00.

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In some circumstances, working at height can involve dark spaces with limited visibility. For these situations, an LED spotlight can help. This DeWalt Jobsite LED Spotlight features an integrated attachment point compatible with any multi-action carabiner. 

DeWalt TLR-DCG413B Lanyard-Ready Paddle Switch Cordless Small Angle Grinder 

DeWalt’s Jobsite LED Spotlight is available from Tanner for $119.00.

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Never fear dropping your grinder from height again with this lanyard-ready angle grinder from DeWalt. 


This grinder is brushless and features a paddle switch and a kickback brake.  The attachment point for a lanyard is located near the battery bay. A trigger switch variant is available for purchase as well. 

Grab the DeWalt Small Angle Grinder for $229.99.

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Most Jobsite Staple Tools Have Lanyard-Ready Variants

As you can see, most of your staple hand tools and power tools are available with attachment points pre-fitted. 

This way, you won’t need to worry about choosing a proper attachment point. Everything you need from a small adjustable wrench to a larger angle grinder is available from Tanner with a built-in attachment point. 

Shop the Tanner lanyard-ready tool collection and keep your job site free of drop hazards, injuries, and damages.