Shims allow for adjustments in different objects. They are commonly utilized in homes to ensure the levelness and alignment of door frames, windows, and tiles. Plastic shims typically come in the form of small wedges with varying sizes and shapes depending on their intended purpose. Shims find widespread application in different construction tasks to ensure precise leveling and alignment. The examples provided below showcase the diverse uses of shims but do not encompass all possibilities.door shims for hinges

Precast and Tilt-up Applications


  • Tilt-up Concrete: Leveling construction shims align panels in preparation for final attachment.
  • Precast Concrete Panels: Plastic shims align panels vertically and horizontally to maintain joint spacings before final attachment.



  • Stone Masonry: Plastic shims allow for both temporary and permanent joint spacing.
  • Stone Panel Cladding: Plastic shims can align panels vertically or horizontally to relieve stress while mortar sets.
  • Terra Cotta: Brittle materials can be temporarily cushioned with plastic shims before being fixed or sealed into place.



Metal objects are shimmed temporarily with plastic shims before welding, grouting, or bolting into place.



Plastic shims can be used to shim heavy wood that would otherwise crush a wooden shim. Plastic shims are commonly used in applications such as heavy timber framing, prefabricated joists, or trusses.


Walls and Roofs

  • Wall and Roof Panels: Plastic shims align panels, girts, and purlins (a horizontal beam along the length of a roof).


Windows and Doors

  • Doors and Frames: Plastic shims align door frames while fastening in place.
  • Entrance, Storefront, and Curtain Wall Systems: Solid plastic shims can align members or panels vertically or horizontally and separate glass panels permanently or temporarily.


Heavy Objects and Equipment

Plastic shims can be used as a temporary alignment solution for heavy objects like parking and loading dock equipment before they are permanently secured.



Solid plastic shims allow easy leveling, aligning, or positioning of objects. Since shims can be used in various industries and for multiple purposes, Tanner stocks a wide range of shim styles and sizes designed to meet the needs of your industry and project.