At Tanner, we love to reward our loyal and valued customers. After all, where would we be without them?

Our customers make us who we are. That’s why we’re offering a brand new promotion. 


We’re offering a free rapid lock adapter with the purchase of Holemaker Technology Products!


Before we dive into the specifics of this promotion, let’s highlight Holemaker Technology Products and what they’re all about. 

What are Holemaker Technology Products?

Holemaker Technology began as a family-run welding and engineering supplies business. They soon discovered one of the largest pain points in the industry: Drilling or modifying steel holes when limited to portable or hand-held tools led to missed deadlines and delays. 


Holemaker Technology was founded to speed up metalworking through cutting tool innovation. For example, their patented “VersaDrive” system is the first modular cutting system of its kind that allows cutting tools to be used across the board with all sorts of drills, such as impact wrenches, magnet drills, hand-held drills, and more. 


The VersaDrive line includes all sorts of cutting tools, including:

VersaDrive products work well with both rotary and impact tools. Depending on your use case, there’s a VersaDrive product to help you get the job done. 


Tanner Promo: Get a Free VersaDrive Rapid Lock Adapter 

On to the promotion!


It’s simple. Spend $300 on Holemaker Technology Products and receive a VersaDrive Rapid Lock Adapter for free. For this promotion, you can choose between a ¼” adapter and a ½” adapter. 


To take advantage of this promotion, contact your local sales representative at 800-456-2658 or email From there, provide them with the promo code “HMT300ADAPTER”, then collect your free adapter. The promo is only available through sales reps and not with online orders.


Don’t wait too long, though! The offer is here while supplies last.

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