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EJOT Solar Fastening Systems

EJOT: “Your best partner for fastening solutions in the building industry.” This hardware is specially developed for securing uprights in solar installations. Made from high quality stainless steel, EJOT guarantees water tightness and a high load carrying capacity. It also allows exact adjustment of your new solar system. Watch this video to learn more about EJOT and how to install solar fastening systems on your home today.

The Difference is in the Details

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To be the best at what you do, the difference is in the details. Some of those details are personal, like customer service and accurate estimates; some are skills, like certification, experience and knowledge; and some are the components you use to complete a job, like silicon carbide grinding wheels and specialty fasteners. It’s not uncommon to hear someone from an older generation to say, “They don’t make things like they used to.” While that is an accurate statement, it is equally accurate (with some items) to say, “No. They’re made better now.”

Technological advancements have occurred in industries outside of the Internet, computers, and smartphones. There have also been advances in tools and hardware for those whose work requires them to be away from a desk.


MAK TW1000 1″ Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

Power tools

From a hammer to a nail gun and from a screwdriver to a drill, power tools revolutionized the construction industry. When those tools could be used without being attached to an extension cord, it was that much better. Imagine the frustration of having a custom made piece of steel that was just a hair too long. Before, it would have to be taken back to the shop for grinding, but now construction sites have grinding wheels on hand to shave pieces to perfection and to smooth rough, welded edges after steel pieces are joined. Those small details save time and improve job quality.



Specialized screws

When nails were not enough in some instances, somebody came up with the idea to add ridges and make screws. Now fasteners come in all shapes and sizes, each having a different purpose. Security screws keep untrained individuals from tampering with panels or equipment they shouldn’t be, keeping them safe and ensuring that only a qualified worker has access with tools not found at the local hardware store. Wood screws are different than concrete screws, which are different than regular bolts. All fasten, but all do so in different ways. Those details provide a safer product and/or a more lasting hold.


AllFlex 302 Stainless Steel Fasteners

Fastening systems

Fastening systems could easily be considered a revolution of their own. There was a time when nobody had to think about how to hang a television on the wall securely or what it would take to keep solar panels on the roof in all kinds of weather conditions. As technology advances, so does the need for specialty hardware. In the case of solar fastening systems, there is a delicate balance between ensuring that a panel stays affixed to a roof during a major wind event and enabling the panel to easily be removed for cleaning or repair without compromising the hold. Additionally, the panels need to be placed at a specific angle on the roof for maximum efficiency. Fastening systems are precise pieces of hardware, and that precision is a detail that makes a difference.


Customers may never know the differences available among various pieces of hardware, and they may not concern themselves with the science behind screws, but they know when a job lasts, and they appreciate quality work.

Specialty Mounting Hardware

Security screws are designed for installations where the fasteners are visible to the public, and the installer, manufacturer or owner want to ensure their equipment isn’t tampered with, damaged or removed. In a setting such as a public restroom, tamper proof fasteners are used to mount the stalls to the walls. These fasteners are installed with fastener specific tools. Some of the fasteners have a unique shaped slotted head. A traditional Phillips or straight screwdriver won’t fit into the head, and the fastener is installed and removed by a tool that only a the installation contractor would carry. Other security fasteners have a traditional shaped slotted head, like a Torx or Square drive. These fasteners have a small pin in the middle of the slot. A standard tool won’t fit into the fastener’s head. Installing or removing the fasteners requires a special tool that features a dimple in the tip which allows the tip to fit over the pin. These fasteners are called Pin-Head fasteners.
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Why Solar Companies Need to Address Panel Theft

The purchase, assembly, and installation of solar panels represent a significant investment. The value of solar panels has made them an inviting target for resourceful thieves. Solar panels can have a retail price approaching $1,000 each for some panels.

Very few solar systems today have any security measures to prevent theft. In fact, most solar panel rack systems secure solar panels with simple commercial fasteners. This requires little effort on the part of thieves to remove them.

Where access is easy and the potential for tampering and theft is high, protect your investment with Tanner Security Fasteners. The cost of our solar security fasteners is minimal compared to the potential cost of replacing damaged or stolen solar panels.

We are The Security Solutions Specialists. Tanner offers a complete line of security fasteners, anchors, and tools  including innovative products such as Secure Wedge-Bolt® Expansion Anchors and Trident® Security Nuts

Contractors in a wide variety of industries rely on Tanner for quick solutions to their security problems.