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Tanner Selected as Exclusive Master Distributor for Parker Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screws


Tanner Bolt & Nut Inc. of Brooklyn, NY is pleased to announce an agreement has been reached with Parker Fasteners of Buckeye, AZ to become the Exclusive Master Distributor in the United States for its Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screws.img_lock-out-max-security-screws

Lock-Out® is a new and innovative security fastener featuring a unique patented drive that is engineered to perform in high torque applications. The distinctive oval center pin and multiple drive/key combinations give customers the option to select higher levels of security in a tamper-proof fastener. Installation bits are not sold commercially. Installation bits will only be sold through Tanner.img_lock-out-screw-group-1

Lock-Out® is available in a multitude of head styles, threads, diameters, lengths, materials, and finishes. Diameters range from 1/4″-5/8″, M1.4-M16, and #0-#10, with lengths up to 12″ for certain diameters. Materials available include carbon steel, stainless steel 302HQ, 304, 316, A286 & brass alloy steel 4037, 8740.

For absolute maximum protection of your property or product, Lock-Out® can be manufactured with a one-of-a-kind, drive pattern that is exclusive to your company.

Tanner will receive its initial stock order in early March 2021 and will continue to bolster its inventory throughout the year. Made-to-order products typically will ship in 8-10 weeks.

Tanner, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a nationwide distributor of premium industrial and security fasteners, code-compliant anchors, safety products, and power tool accessories. For over 40 years, Tanner’s knowledgeable sales and support staff has committed to a customer-first approach, delivering innovative quality products. Tanner partners with over fifty well-known quality brands that provide our customers with industry-leading experience, innovation, and quality control.

Parker Fasteners is a premier ISO & AS9100 Rev D registered cold heading manufacturer located in Buckeye, Arizona who sources all raw materials from American sources, including DFARS compliance. Parker takes great pride in making quality fasteners, meeting customer product specifications, and delivering on or before promised due dates. Parker brings a unique depth of experience and a high level of innovation to its product offering, delivering the highest level of support in the industry in this high growth area.

Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screw Product Information & Specs:img_lock-out-pdf-preview


Please Reach Out to Our Lead Security Specialist, Gil to Discuss Your Next Security Project

Gil Dagoberto
Security Fastener Specialist

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Tanner has been providing customers with the assistance, guidance & products necessary to secure their valuable assets and property for the past 30 years. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and require high quality tamper-resistant fasteners, sealants and anchoring systems.

With years of product knowledge and experience, Tanner is always ready to take on the next security challenge that our customers present us. Here at Tanner our main goal is to leave our customers satisfied with the end result and we are more than confident we can solve all your security product needs.

We encourage you to reach out to our security specialist – Gil – to discuss any security applications or projects you may have.

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Problem Solving with Tanner

Bike Problem SolutionProblem:

A Bike Sharing Company was having an issue with people tampering with exposed components on both their public bike racks & bikes.

This was costing them time and money due to the extra work, repairs, down time and staff resources.


Tanner was able to develop various levels of tamper-resistant drives to prevent this unwanted tampering.

This solution utilized both existing & custom security drives.



OEM of Bicycle Docking Stations wanted to prevent internal components from loosing and causing parts & systems to fail.

Additional resources, replacement of hardware & elements was becoming too costly & time consuming to absorb.


Tanner was able to come up with a specialized fastener that featured an adhesive that was added to the threads of the fastener to prevent loosening.

This virtually eliminated missing, failing components & equipment downtime.

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Custom Installations Are Simpler with Specialized Mounting Hardware

Specialized mounting hardware, such as security screws and fasteners are designed to resist tampering by the public, or an un-trained person. Specialized mounting hardware is designed with a what’s called a tamper-proof head. These fasteners require a specially designed tool that isn’t commonly available on the shelf of the local hardware store. You may see this type fastener on the walls in a public restroom.

The tamper resistant design prevents vandals from loosening the hardware that holds the fixtures or stalls together. Some of the fasteners have an uniquely shaped head, that a traditional Phillips or straight screwdriver won’t fit. The fastener is installed and removed by a tool that only an installation contractor, or factory authorized service professional would carry.

Other security screws have a traditional shaped head, like a Torx or Square drive screw. These security fasteners are modified, and have a small pin in the middle of the slot. Because of the pin, a standard tool won’t fit into the fastener. Installing or removing the fasteners requires a modified tool that features a hole in the tip which allows the tip to fit over the pin.

Security screws are also used in manufacturing. When the internal parts of a machine or electronic device cannot be serviced by the homeowner, or if opening an appliance, such as a microwave oven, could damage the item or the person, a specialized fastener is used. These fasteners prevent damage to the equipment, and potential harm to the owner.

Specialty tamper resistant fasteners are available in a full spectrum of steel grades, and fastener styles. They are available in stainless steel, alloy steel, and case hardened steel. Corrosion resistant coatings are available for exterior uses. These fasteners save property owners thousands of dollars by thwarting equipment vandalism, tampering and physical damage.

As manufacturing systems continue to advance, many manufacturers are designing their own fastening systems. Specialty products such as solar panels and composition deck boards are installed with hardware that is specifically designed for the project. When mounting a solar panel, not only does it have to be mounted securely to the building or roof, but the panel should also be easily removable in case of damage or needed maintenance. Solar panel mounting hardware is designed to provide both easy installation, and access for service. The right kind of installation hardware can save the installation contractor time, which results in a more profitable job.

Many new building are being designed with solar roof panels. As the demand grows for increasingly green energy solutions, architects and building owners are choosing to install the solar panels at the time the building is constructed. Specialty solar panel mounting hardware is recommended for this application. The uniquely designed hardware fasten the buildings metal roofing systems to the under-girding trusses or framework, and at the same time provides the studs to which the solar panels mount after the roof panels are installed.

When designing a custom hardware installation, make sure to research the installation options ahead of time.  A proper installation with the right fastener will save time, money and can prevent installation headaches.

Apple locks down new MacBook Air

Similar to the past MacBook Air design, Apple’s new Air is under lock and key–or five-lobe Torx-Plus security screws, to be exact.

  • Non-symmetrical, elliptically-based geometric configuration
  • Five lobes with solid post in center of recess
  • Drivers only available to OEMs and authorized service personnel
  • Concentricity and tight tolerances of tamper-resistant TORX PLUS® tools make them very difficult to counterfeit

Detention Security Hollow Metal Doors in Prisons

Detention security hollow metal doors and frames have been successfully used in detention and correctional facilities throughout the world. Architects, specifiers and end users understand the advantages of using Detention Security Hollow Metal in these applications.


To understand the advantages of hollow metal construction, consider first the hardware installation for the swinging door of a typical bar-grille cell front. The security hinges and lock encasement are actually accessible to the inmate since he is able to reach through the bars. Therefore, in many cases, the lock encasement must be continuously welded assemblies with cover plates welded in place to prevent inmate tampering. This situation makes repairs and maintenance both difficult and expensive.

For example, to repair a lock it is necessary to cut the cover plate loose with a torch, repair or replace the lock, then weld a new cover plate back in place. In the hollow metal assembly, the lock is mounted in a reinforced pocket, inside the door or frame and is protected by a heavy gauge cover plate fastened with security screws.

The flush type detention hollow metal door, severely limits the inmate’s access and visibility in any attempts to tamper with the cover plate and lock. Since inmate tampering is limited by the flush hollow metal design, cover plates and access panels can be mounted with tamper resistant screws in most cases rather than welding, thereby reducing the cost of installation, repair and maintenance.