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Tanner Selected as Exclusive Master Distributor for Parker Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screws


Tanner Bolt & Nut Inc. of Brooklyn, NY is pleased to announce an agreement has been reached with Parker Fasteners of Buckeye, AZ to become the Exclusive Master Distributor in the United States for its Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screws.img_lock-out-max-security-screws

Lock-Out® is a new and innovative security fastener featuring a unique patented drive that is engineered to perform in high torque applications. The distinctive oval center pin and multiple drive/key combinations give customers the option to select higher levels of security in a tamper-proof fastener. Installation bits are not sold commercially. Installation bits will only be sold through Tanner.img_lock-out-screw-group-1

Lock-Out® is available in a multitude of head styles, threads, diameters, lengths, materials, and finishes. Diameters range from 1/4″-5/8″, M1.4-M16, and #0-#10, with lengths up to 12″ for certain diameters. Materials available include carbon steel, stainless steel 302HQ, 304, 316, A286 & brass alloy steel 4037, 8740.

For absolute maximum protection of your property or product, Lock-Out® can be manufactured with a one-of-a-kind, drive pattern that is exclusive to your company.

Tanner will receive its initial stock order in early March 2021 and will continue to bolster its inventory throughout the year. Made-to-order products typically will ship in 8-10 weeks.

Tanner, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a nationwide distributor of premium industrial and security fasteners, code-compliant anchors, safety products, and power tool accessories. For over 40 years, Tanner’s knowledgeable sales and support staff has committed to a customer-first approach, delivering innovative quality products. Tanner partners with over fifty well-known quality brands that provide our customers with industry-leading experience, innovation, and quality control.

Parker Fasteners is a premier ISO & AS9100 Rev D registered cold heading manufacturer located in Buckeye, Arizona who sources all raw materials from American sources, including DFARS compliance. Parker takes great pride in making quality fasteners, meeting customer product specifications, and delivering on or before promised due dates. Parker brings a unique depth of experience and a high level of innovation to its product offering, delivering the highest level of support in the industry in this high growth area.

Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screw Product Information & Specs:img_lock-out-pdf-preview


Please Reach Out to Our Lead Security Specialist, Gil to Discuss Your Next Security Project

Gil Dagoberto
Security Fastener Specialist

Stop Theft, Tampering & Vandalism – Secure Your Assets with Tanner

Let Tanner be Your Security Product SpecialistTrust Tanner Security

Tanner has been providing customers with the assistance, guidance & products necessary to secure their valuable assets and property for the past 30 years. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and require high quality tamper-resistant fasteners, sealants and anchoring systems.

With years of product knowledge and experience, Tanner is always ready to take on the next security challenge that our customers present us. Here at Tanner our main goal is to leave our customers satisfied with the end result and we are more than confident we can solve all your security product needs.

We encourage you to reach out to our security specialist – Gil – to discuss any security applications or projects you may have.

Cell: 646-302-0499 or Email: dgil@tannerbolt.com

Problem Solving with Tanner

Bike Problem SolutionProblem:

A Bike Sharing Company was having an issue with people tampering with exposed components on both their public bike racks & bikes.

This was costing them time and money due to the extra work, repairs, down time and staff resources.


Tanner was able to develop various levels of tamper-resistant drives to prevent this unwanted tampering.

This solution utilized both existing & custom security drives.



OEM of Bicycle Docking Stations wanted to prevent internal components from loosing and causing parts & systems to fail.

Additional resources, replacement of hardware & elements was becoming too costly & time consuming to absorb.


Tanner was able to come up with a specialized fastener that featured an adhesive that was added to the threads of the fastener to prevent loosening.

This virtually eliminated missing, failing components & equipment downtime.

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Make Your Facility Tamper Proof with Break-Away Nuts

Break-Away Nuts

Security is a major concern on most peoples minds these days. From securing correctional institutions to protecting from vandalism in public places, having the right security products makes all the difference. At Tanner we are your premier source for security fasteners and nuts, providing you with a variety of different products. When it comes to looking for security nuts, the level of protection it offers should be the main determining factor for which type you buy. You can choose from either tamper resistant or tamper proof security nuts. Tamper resistant security nuts are extremely difficult to remove without the proper tools. While tamper proof security nuts have no removal tools, which makes them nearly impossible to remove once they are installed. The tamper proof security nuts that we offer here at Tanner are Break-Away Nuts.

Break-Away Nuts are designed as a one-piece unit that have a break-away hex head that leaves a conical shaped tamper proof nut behind.  These tamper proof nuts are used extensively in places where high security is a key factor such as: correctional institutions, hospitals, schools, public places, and retail stores. Break-Away Nuts help secure a variety of products, prevent unauthorized removal of, and secure access to equipment and facilities. They can be used for a number of critical security fastening applications where removal of a fixture is not intended and when preventing tampering is important. Break-Away Nuts are installed like a typical nut, except once the proper torque is achieved, the hex head breaks away leaving a conical shaped tamper proof nut behind. The conical shaped tamper proof nut that is left behind has no removal tool available making it nearly impossible to remove once installed.

Break-Away Nuts are manufactured from either ZAMAC 5 zinc alloy or 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel variety provides greater corrosion resistance and boasts high-strength properties compared to the zinc alloy nuts. These security nuts are typically tapped to standard bolt dimensions, but are also available to be tapped oversize for hot dip galvanized fasteners.

Break Away Nuts Material Specifications

If you are looking for a tamper resistant security nut instead, be sure to check out our line of Trident Nuts. We have a number of different sizes available and are one of the few distributors that offer Large Diameter Trident Nuts. If you plan on buying any of these Trident Nuts be sure to pick up the correct sockets and accessories to help install these security nuts correctly.






Specialty Fasteners Save Time and Money

If you are a maintenance technician or installation contractor, you know the value of specialized security fasteners or self drilling screws.  Although these fasteners cost a bit more when you pick them up at the local supplier, specialized security fasteners speed up a job, saving the contractor and the project owner both time and money.

One of the recent applications of self drilling screws is in the area of steel stud construction. In the past, commercial buildings and homes were constructed entirely of wood studs and structural members. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, because of the abundant supply of scrap and recycled metals, steel studs entered the market at competitive prices, and they feature a number of competitive advantages.

Steel studs are lighter than traditional wood framing materials. They don’t have to be drilled for access holes for electrical and plumbing, because the wide side of the stud is already designed with access holes. Installation contractors cut steel studs with a tin snip they carry in their tool belt rather than high power circular saws. Steel studs are fastened together with sell drilling screws, that are both lighter and less expensive than 3 ½ inch long spike nails.

Steel studs are only one application for self drilling screws. Any sheet metal fabrication project is faster and easier with using a self drilling screws, and self drilling screws are used extensively in manufacturing. The screw serves as its own drill bit. Thus the installation contractor can insert the screw in one step, instead of two.

Another important fastener for commercial and industrial contractors are tamper-proof screws and anchors. Often seen in public bathroom stalls or other building projects used by high numbers of the general public, the heads of a tamper proof screws are custom shaped so that both installation and removal requires specifically manufactured tools.

Tamper proof screws originally appeared in the marketplace as a modified slotted screw. The head of the screw was shaped so that it could be turned into place, but it could not be removed by a standard flat head screwdriver. These fasteners could only be used once, because removing them from the wall usually destroyed the fastener’s appearance.

Today, with the wide acceptance of Torx and square drive style fasteners, tamper proof fasteners have been redesigned. These fasteners are called pin-head security fasteners. In the center of the Torx, or Square slot is a small pin. Installation contractors must have a specialty designed tool to install, or remove this fastener.

So when you are looking for a supplier for industrial tools and fasteners, make sure you select a supplier that can ship the right part the first time, and on time. You will want to find a partner that can provide a wide selection of parts, grinding wheels, and the tools which go with them. Another advantage for the installer is finding a partner company that can provide all your specialty fasteners and tools from one location. Maintaining an efficient and profitable shop is much simpler when you can go to one supplier and order all your regular shop supplies. Picking a partner who will ship quickly, reliably can help your shop run smoothly, which creates satisfied customers, and a growing business.

Apple locks down new MacBook Air

Similar to the past MacBook Air design, Apple’s new Air is under lock and key–or five-lobe Torx-Plus security screws, to be exact.

  • Non-symmetrical, elliptically-based geometric configuration
  • Five lobes with solid post in center of recess
  • Drivers only available to OEMs and authorized service personnel
  • Concentricity and tight tolerances of tamper-resistant TORX PLUS® tools make them very difficult to counterfeit