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What are Hex Cap Screws?

Hex Cap Screws are fasteners featuring a hexagonal, six-sided, head with a washer face on the bearing surface and a chamfered point. Commonly used in construction and machine assemblies, hex cap screws are one...

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Self-Drilling Screws – How They Work

Self-Drilling Screws eliminate the need for separate drilling and tapping operations, helping provide the user with a faster, more economical installation process. Self-Drilling Screws operate on the same basic principles as a drill bit...

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Learn More About Wood, Drywall, and Masonry Screws

Masonry Screws  Alternating high and low threads Come in Phillips flat head or slotted hex washer head Commonly blue in color Self-tapping screw A correctly drilled pilot hole is critical while installing masonry screws...