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New Tanner Hand Tool Catalog

Introducing our new 2013 Hand Tool Catalog, full of professional grade hand tools for experienced professional contractors who need exceptional performance and durability on the job.

Products featured include jobsite storage equipment, measuring and layout tools, saws and hammers, demolition tools, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, clamps, sockets and ratchets, marking paints, snips, and bolt cutters

Download the pdf for reference or click on a link to buy:


From the Front Lines of Metal Cutting

Just a few weeks ago an Air Force Base was preparing planes for destruction.  They were looking for a 9″ (229mm) angle grinder to remove depleted uranium counterweights from some transport planes in preparation for sending them to the scrap yard.  The current grinder did not have sufficient depth to cut out a 3″ (76mm) deep aluminum support bracket.  When our sales rep showed up with a 9″ M.K. Morse Metal Devil Saw he was met by a skeptical group of technicians.  They graciously allowed him to give it a try.  After 20 minutes of getting into full PPE gear (Tyvek suit, respirator, gloves, and fall protections) and being lifted 50 feet into the air, he was ready to cut.  With the right saw for the job, the cut took a lot less time than getting into the gear.  Record time as a matter of fact!

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Metal Devil End User and Application Guide pdf.