Get a Sign that Will Stand the Test of Time

Signs Protected with Sign Muscle® Far Outperform the Competition

What is Sign Muscle®?

Sign Muscle® was developed by the National Marker Company and is a revolutionary, crystal clear, tough, polymer coating that encapsulates printed images and text on the surface of a variety of substrates. The liquid monomer, Sign Muscle®, is applied to the substrate after the printing and curing process, creating a high strength bond. This creates extremely durable signs and labels for both indoor and outdoor

Learn More About the NEW Sliding Beam Anchors from 3M™

Work confidently with added mobility of the NEW Sliding Beam Anchors from 3M™. These new sliding beam anchors glide effortlessly behind you while you work. Once you secure these beam anchors to the beam using the redesigned, integrated adjustment buttons, simply connect your Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) or Lanyard to the D-Ring and you’re ready to work safely.

High-Visibility Apparel – To Be Seen is to Be Safe

What is High-Visibility Apparel & Why Do I Need to Wear It?

High-Visibility Apparel is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that has highly reflective properties or feature a color that is easily noticeable from any type of background. Why wear High-Visibility Apparel? Its simple, the main objective of Hi-Vis Apparel is so you are easily seen and standout while near roadways, on a jobsite or other similar areas where you are exposed to higher levels of risk from motor vehicles or heavy

New 3M™ Protecta® Harnesses: Comfort, Safety & Affordability

New Line Up Rolled Out By 3M™ Fall Protection

3M™ Fall Protection has just released a brand new line up of Protecta® Full Body Harnesses. This new line up includes (4) different styles of harnesses: Comfort Construction Style, Standard Construction Style, Comfort Vest Style & Standard Vest Style. Each style is available with a wide variety of configurations to choose from to best suit your needs.

Anatomy of a Cut Resistant Glove

How to Choose the Correct Pair of Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves are widely used in industrial, construction and food processing industries. With such a wide range of applications that these gloves are used for, gloves are designed and manufactured with different levels of protection against: Abrasions, Contusions, Incisions and Lacerations. Some of the main factors that determine the level of protection of Cut Resistant Gloves are: Liner Material, Coating and Grip. Read on to learn more about the

Stop, Drop, & Roll Over to Tanner for Firestop / Barrier Products

Protect Your Facilities from the Spread of Fire, Smoke & Noxious Gases

In the occurrence of a fire or exposure of toxic gases, having your facility properly equipped with Firestop / Barrier Product will help prevent catastrophic damages and even could mean the difference between life and death. Let Tanner help you prepare and make sure you facility is ready for any hazardous situation involving fire and/or gasses. Tanner carries a wide variety of Firestop / Barrier products including products

OSHA Memorandum – Recent Silica Construction Standard

Tanner Does It’s Part, Lends a Helping Hand

Tanner strives to help it’s customers understand and navigate the complexities of the new OSHA Dust Silica requirements through education, training, and availability of products.

Protect Your Assets with Help from Tanner

Tanner Can Help Make Your Jobsite Safer & Run More Efficiently

Here at Tanner we pride ourselves on selling our customer high quality fasteners and industrial supplies, but that’s not all we offer our customers. Tanner also provides our customers with added value by providing valuable education about our products, on-site training, technical support and design assistance for OSHA safety compliance requirements. For more information about our Training & Certification, call us at 800-456-2658 or

Stand-Down and Save Lives

Take Time to Talk About Fall Prevention During Nation Safety Stand-Down Week

The leading cause of death for construction employees continues to be falls from elevation. In 2015 fall from elevation accounted for 350 of the 937 construction fatalities. These deaths are preventable if you take the proper safety precautions before working at heights. To help jump start the prevention of these deaths, employers and employees need to get together to take a Safety Stand-Down and talk about Fall

OSHA News Release – National Safety Stand-Down Week

Join the National Safety Stand-Down & Help Prevent Falls in Construction

National Safety Stand-Down Week is a voluntary event for employers to talk to their employees about safety on the jobsite. Safety Stand-Down Week is open to all workplaces and OSHA encourages employers to stand-down and take a break to focus on Fall Hazards and reinforce the importance of Fall Protection. During Safety Stand-Down Week it is a great opportunity for employers to have open conversations with their employees