Wedge-Bolt+ / Screw-Bolt+ Screw Anchors Cross Reference Chart

Out with the Old & In with the New

In one of our previous blog posts Screw-Bolt+™ – The New Standard for Heavy Duty Screw Anchors we mention the Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors will be replacing the Powers Wedge-Bolt+® Screw Anchors. While there is still a limited amount of stock left in the Wedge-Bolt+ Anchors, once this stock is depleted, you will no longer be able to purchase them. You will have to buy the new and improved Screw-Bolt+ Screw Anchors.

Did You Know, Powers Carbide Drill Bits are Being Discontinued?

Power Carbide Bits Being Replaced by DeWalt Branded Carbide Drill Bits

If you have not heard yet, the rumors are true. Powers Carbide Drill Bits are no longer being manufactured and are being replaced with DeWalt branded Carbide Drill Bits. The process has already started and once the stock has been depleted you will no longer be able to buy Powers Carbide Drill Bits. With the help from Tanner we will help you find the comparable DeWalt bits for your favorite Powers bits. Read on to learn about

G-Tek® 3GX™ – The Go To Gloves for Cut Resistance

G-TEK® 3GX™ Gloves Offer More

Stronger – High Durability

Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber is more durable and will outperform typical HPPE fiber. G-Tek® 3GX™ gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology offer substantially greater abrasion resistance than gloves containing fiberglass or aramids. Wear, wash, and repeat with these gloves without having to worry about sacrificing performance.

Quick Facts About Commonly Used Hammers

All Hammers Are Not Created Equally

A hammer is a hand tool that is used to strike an object or material. Hammers can be used for a number of different purposes including: driving nails into wood, metalworking, and demolition applications. With such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles it can be difficult to choose the correct hammer for the job at hand. Read on to learn more about commonly used hammer styles and how to select the correct hammer for the job.

New Tanner Hand Tool Catalog

Introducing our new 2013 Hand Tool Catalog, full of professional grade hand tools for experienced professional contractors who need exceptional performance and durability on the job.

Taper Shank Drills

EJOT Solar Fastening Systems

BCS550 Makita Saw



The DNA of a Grinding Wheel

A grinding wheel is a resin bonded abrasive composed of abrasive grains which are held tightly together by a bonding agent and reinforced with a woven material. The main function of a grinding wheel is to remove material from a workpiece in an abrasive action with each grain acting as a cutting tool.

How to Read a Grinding Wheel Label

Below is an example of a label that is found on United Abrasive grinding wheels with all pertinent information a user needs to operate the wheel.Section A: