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M.K. Morse Metal Devil Circular Saw Blades & Saws

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The World’s Finest MRO Metal Cutting Circular Saw & Blade Combination

Extreme Metal Cutting

M.K. Morse designed Metal Devil Circular Saws & Blades with the professional in mind. They cut quicker and cut cleaner using proprietary designs Metal Devil Sawand materials. When Metal Devil Blades are matched with Metal Devil Saws, they offer the safest, cleanest way to cut metal in virtually any work environment. M.K. Morse Metal Devil products are dependable, versatile & efficient, users across the globe rely on Morse and you should too!

  • More Cost Effective
  • Maximum Cutting Performance
  • Designed with the Professional in Mind

Metal Devil Metal Cutting Circular Saws

M.K. Morse Metal Devil Metal Cutting Circular Saws offer the safest and cleanest way to cut metal on the market today. They feature a special motor that maintains torque at optimum RPM’s for Metal Devil 14 Sawcutting though metal smoothly and efficiently, each and every time. M.K. Morse Metal Devil Saws are offered in 6″, 9″ and 14″ sizes. From metal roofing and pipe to steel plate and aluminum components, Metal Devil Saws & Saws Blades are the only solution you need to handle virtually any MRO metal cutting application. When it comes to metal cutting no one beats M.K. Morse.

  • Cut through steel and other tough metals as easily as soft pine 2×4’s
  • Move through metal faster than traditional methods like abrasives wheels
  • Comfortable grips reduce user fatigue
  • Retractable blade guard on saw
  • Enhanced blade alignment guides reduce waste from miscuts

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Metal Devil NXT® Metal Cutting Circular Saw BladesMetal Devil NXT

Cut Through Steel & Other Tough Metals Faster Than Ever

Metal Devil NXT® Circular Saw Blades are designed with an unique combination of metallurgy and blade configurations that are tailored for peak performance in specific applications. Specialized applications include: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, thin steel and steel studs (14″ only). The combination of metal cutting technology and science, helped develop a new cutting performance for steel, stainless steel and aluminum that separates Metal Devil NXT® Saw Blades from the competition. Metal Devil NXT® Blades are proudly 100% designed, manufactured & packaged in the USA.

Cut Cool

  • The freshly cut metal edges are cool to the touch, due to the unique metallurgy of the carbide tips which leads to minimal heat transferred to the inner plate.Metal Devil Blade


Cut Faster

  • Morse Metal Devil NXT® blades cut so much faster than traditional methods, that it’s hardly even a race. Morse Metal Devil NXT® blade can cut through 6″ x 1/4″ thick steel in approximately 12 seconds.


Cut Longer

  • Morse Metal Devil NXT® Saw Blades are constructed with a hardened steel inner plate with a unique combination of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide tips brazed to the teeth. Due to this, Morse Metal Devil blades offer exceptional wear resistance and make more cuts than any other metal cutting blade on the market today.

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Metal Devil CL™ Metal Cutting Circular Saw BladesMetal Devil CL

Optimized for Cordless Saws

Metal Devil CL™ Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades deliver the MOST CUTS-PER-CHARGE on the market today. Instead of wasting time and money waiting for batteries to charge, you can power through any job with confidence. Metal Devil CL™ Blades are proudly 100% designed, manufactured & packaged in the USA.

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Metal Devil Blades

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades: Six Quick Tips for Longer Blade Life

The initial cost of a metal cutting circular saw blade is more expensive than wood cutting blades. The good news is there are simple tips that will extend your blade life and lower the overall cost-per-cut. The Morse Metal Devil® metal cutting circular saw blade can cut through solid steel plate (6” x ¼”) in less than 12 seconds. If that kind of time savings and productivity is something you can use on your next project, keep reading!


1)Metal Devil® metal cutting circular saw blades are engineered to use dry cut technology.  That means you do not need to use lubricant or coolant with the Metal Devil blades.

2)These blades perform best when used with low RPM metal cutting saws, such as the Morse Metal Devil 7, 9 and 14-inch saws.

3)Select the correct blade design for your application to achieve the best performance, such as steel, thin steel, or aluminum blade.

4)Clamp your material securely so that it does not vibrate or spin. Morse offers a V-block clamp for tubes.

5)Extend the blade completely out of the saw and use a guide or straight edge to make the cut.

6)Bring the blade to full speed before entering the cut and do not push the saw through the material. Slow down and let the teeth make the cut.


Consistently follow these steps to optimize your blade life.

Happy Sawing –

h/t Steve Whaley, Technical Support @ M. K. Morse