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Tanner Exhibits Two Major Trade Shows in September 2010

GlassBuild America- Las Vegas Convention Center Sept. 14-16, 2010 Booth 521
Door & Hardware Institute 35th Annual Expo- Navy Pier Chicago, IL. September 22-23, 2010 Booth 1710

Tanner Bolt and Nut Corporation will be participating in two major events this upcoming September. Tanner will be exhibiting at both GlassBuild America and the Door & Hardware Institute’s 35th Annual Expo. The events will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 14th to 16th and at Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois from September 22nd to 23rd respectively. At both events, Tanner Bolt and Nut will exhibit innovative fastening, anchoring, cutting and safety solutions for the commercial and institutional construction industries.

GlassBuild America is now in its seventh year and it is the gathering place for the entire glass, window, and door industries in North America and is continually listed as one of the Top 200 trade shows in the U.S. by Tradeshow Week. This show floor is the central showcase for glass processing equipment, window and door manufacturing equipment, and the latest technologies for all types of glass and fenestration products in North America.

Tanner will feature anchoring products for concrete applications, construction and masonry fasteners, security fasteners and anchors, cutting tools for aluminum, steel and stainless steel, metal fastening systems and safety equipment.

Tanner Bolt &Nut Corporations is also an exhibitor in the Door and Hardware Institute’s 35th annual conference and exposition. This year’s expo is all about sustainability as a theme, regarding both “green” constructions as well as how it applies to the door industry’s businesses.

Tanner is on hand to exhibit their cutting edge door hardware products for hollow metal door distributors, door and window installers, security contractors and locksmiths. Products include anchors and screws for hollow metal frame installations, security screws, specialty fasteners and self-drilling screws for door hardware, hinge installations, and glazing, and cutting tools including hole cutters, metal cutting blades and abrasives.

Detention Security Hollow Metal Doors in Prisons

Detention security hollow metal doors and frames have been successfully used in detention and correctional facilities throughout the world. Architects, specifiers and end users understand the advantages of using Detention Security Hollow Metal in these applications.


To understand the advantages of hollow metal construction, consider first the hardware installation for the swinging door of a typical bar-grille cell front. The security hinges and lock encasement are actually accessible to the inmate since he is able to reach through the bars. Therefore, in many cases, the lock encasement must be continuously welded assemblies with cover plates welded in place to prevent inmate tampering. This situation makes repairs and maintenance both difficult and expensive.

For example, to repair a lock it is necessary to cut the cover plate loose with a torch, repair or replace the lock, then weld a new cover plate back in place. In the hollow metal assembly, the lock is mounted in a reinforced pocket, inside the door or frame and is protected by a heavy gauge cover plate fastened with security screws.

The flush type detention hollow metal door, severely limits the inmate’s access and visibility in any attempts to tamper with the cover plate and lock. Since inmate tampering is limited by the flush hollow metal design, cover plates and access panels can be mounted with tamper resistant screws in most cases rather than welding, thereby reducing the cost of installation, repair and maintenance.