What are Rivet Nuts?

Rivet nuts are simple and reliable fasteners with internal threads that can be installed into thin materials such as panel, tube, extrusions, castings, plastics, and many other materials providing strong load-bearing threads. Once installed, the fastener remains captive to which a mating component can be attached using standard hardware.

The Right Type of Fastener Can Make the Difference Between Success and Failure

Please find the following informative article detailing the use of selectively-hardened fasteners Bi-Flex and Dril-Flex in the construction of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida.

Stalgard® High-Performance Protective Coatings

Stalgard® is a durable, multilayer, corrosion-resistant coating, engineered to provide optimal performance in demanding construction applications.

300 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners

Making the Right Connections: Avoiding Metal Fastener Failures

In life, success often depends on paying attention to details and making the right connections. When fastening metals together, it is no different. The wrong connection can cause significant failure. In common construction applications fasteners can spontaneously fail for no apparent reason. These failures may occur shortly after installation or even months or years later leaving the contractor, building owner and other responsible parties puzzled over the cause of failure and cost of remedy.

Why are architects and building owners demanding Crete-Flex masonry fasteners?

Architects and building owners want broader guarantees and longer warranties from contractors and design professionals. I’m seeing this applied to fasteners more and more.

Screw Head Types – A Guide to What Type of Screw is This?

At Tanner Bolt & Nut, we field a lot of calls from customers trying to find the right bit or screw type.

To help, we prepared this guide to screw head types and drives.

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Door Hardware FAQ

What screw would be used to install door closers?

What screw would be used to install door closers?

The world of hardware can be a confusing one. With so many screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware out there, understanding which hardware works for different applications can be tough.

What screw fits continuous hinge applications?

#12-24 x 11/16” Flat Undercut Self-Drilling Screw Zinc Plated. Also available with a Flat Torx® Tamper-Resistant head.