Specialty Fasteners Simplify Difficult Installations


Specialty Fasteners Improve Job Productivity

My old bike

When I was young, I bought my first bicycle from a friend at the end of the block. It had been sitting in their backyard for a few months, and I don’t think I could describe all the things that were wrong with it.  To add to my dilemma, I didn’t have a tool box or wrench set to my name, and my Dad was in the habit of keeping his tool boxes locked, or hidden in the garage. Before the summer was over, I learned to repair almost anything on that ten dollar bicycle with a hammer, a

Which Stainless Steel Anchor Should I Use for Masonry & Concrete?

Tanner offers three different levels of stainless steel anchors for use in concrete and masonry that is subject to corrosive environments.

Specialty Fasteners Save Time and Money

If you are a maintenance technician or installation contractor, you know the value of specialized security fasteners or self drilling screws.  Although these fasteners cost a bit more when you pick them up at the local supplier, specialized security fasteners speed up a job, saving the contractor and the project owner both time and money.

Specialty Mounting Hardware

Security screws are designed for installations where the fasteners are visible to the public, and the installer, manufacturer or owner want to ensure their equipment isn’t tampered with, damaged or removed. In a setting such as a public restroom, tamper proof fasteners are used to mount the stalls to the walls. These fasteners are installed with fastener specific tools. Some of the fasteners have a unique shaped slotted head. A traditional Phillips or straight screwdriver won’t fit into the

Find a reliable vendor for your specialty fasteners

If you are a maintenance technician and serve commercial or industrial clients, some of the most important parts and tools, which you use every day, can be the hardest to find.  When a service technician arrives on a job site, nothing slows down a project, and therefore eats away a company’s profit margin, like having to leave a job site and run around town, looking for hard to find parts. So when you need to stock up a truck with commercial and industrial tools and fasteners, look for a

Hard Facts About Hardening

Professional liability underwriters traditionally have perceived design/build as the most hazardous construction-related professional liability exposure. The combination of design activity, on-site supervisory presence and active participation in the actual construction add up to a high degree of control over an entire construction project. This greatly increases the probability that any problems with the ultimate result will be attributed to the design/builder. Flex Technology allows

How To Measure a Blind Rivet

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How do you measure a rivet?”

How a Blind Rivet Works?

A blind rivet consists of two parts, a hollow, cylindrical body with a flared head and a solid-rod mandrel with a bulbed head that resembles a nail.

5 Tips for Using Blind Rivets Effectively