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Stop, Drop, & Roll Over to Tanner for Firestop / Barrier Products

Protect Your Facilities from the Spread of Fire, Smoke & Noxious Gases

In the occurrence of a fire or exposure of toxic gases, having your facility properly equipped with Firestop / Barrier Product will help prevent catastrophic damages and even could mean the difference between life and death. Let Tanner help you prepare and make sure you facility is ready for any hazardous situation involving fire and/or gasses. Tanner carries a wide variety of Firestop / Barrier products including products for construction joints, protective wrap systems and through penetration applications. Read on for a quick overview of the Firestop / Barrier products that we have to offer online, for the full selection of our products please check out our Firestop / Barrier Products Department.

Fire Barrier Duct WrapDuct Wrap

Thin, lightweight and flexible. Fire Barrier Duct Wrap provides excellent insulating capabilities and offers a space saving alternative to bulky fire protection methods. Commonly used in commercial kitchen grease ducts and ventilation ducts. May be installed with multiple layers if necessary. Shop for Fire Barrier Duct Wrap Now

Fire SealantsFire Barrier Sealants

Fire Barrier Sealants are offered in a number of different styles for a wide variety of applications. When they are properly installed, these sealants will help control the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases before, during and after exposure to a fire. Shop for Fire Barrier Sealants Now

Fire Barrier PillowsFire Pillows

Fire Barrier Pillows are a self contained, intumescent firestop product designed for use in through penetration applications. Fire barrier pillows are re-enterable and re-usable for new or retrofit installations. Available in multiple sizes and can be cut to achieve precise fill and compression. Shop for Fire Barrier Pillows Now

Fire PuttyFire Barrier Putty

Firestop Putty is a moldable one-part firestop material used in various fire rated assemblies, such as electrical box protection. Designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases. This putty helps provide draft and cold smoke seal, while reducing noise transfer. Shop for Fire Barrier Putty Now

Firestop Foams & SpraysFirestop Spray

Firestop Foams & Sprays are dispensable firestop products that are designed to protect against fire, smoke, noxious gases and sound. Firestop foam is designed to expand up to 5 times in volume and fill in the annular space created by pipes and cables penetrating through fire rated construction. Firestop spray dries to form a tough, elastomeric coating able to withstand compression / extension tested up to +/- 50% of nominal joint width without cracking. Shop for Firestop Foams & Sprays Now

Firestop Wrap StripsFirestop Wrap Strips

Firestop Wrap Strips are intumescent wrap strips that are primarily designed for use in top side firestop installations. These strips help to eliminate the need for retaining collars, concrete screws, etc. – saving time and labor. They are flexible to be able to wrap around pipes to fill tough areas and gaps. Shop for Firestop Wrap Strips Now

Fire Barrier Composite SheetsComposite Sheets

Fire Barrier Composite Sheets are a lightweight intumescent firestop that combines multiple components into a single system designed to help slow the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases. These sheets combine 28 gauge steel, intumescent material, wire mesh and aluminum foil. Easy to handle and install with common trade tools. Shop for Fire Barrier Composite Sheets Now

Fire Water TapeFire & Water Barrier / Smoke & Sound Tape

Fire & Water Barrier / Smoke & Sound Tape are the only products on the market that use patent pending 3M technology to provide instant fire, water, smoke and sound protection in a convenient tape. These tapes work on a wide variety of construction joint including: top-of-wall, wall-to-wall, perimeter joints and through penetration. With a quick and easy installation process, these tapes will save you valuable time and money. Shop for Fire & Water Barrier / Smoke & Sound Tape Now

Get a Grip on the Cold by Choosing the Correct Gloves

With winter right around the corner, its time to start thinking about getting a high quality pair of cold weather gloves. If you work with your hands on a daily basis in potentially cold environments a good pair of gloves will soon become your best friend. Keeping your hands warm and dry are very important in order to be able to use your hands as effectively as possible. Cold and wet conditions can lead to numb fingers and in extreme cases, prolonged exposure can lead to nerve damage or even frostbite.  With these dangers looming as winter weather approaches, gloves are undeniably one of the most import pieces of personal protection equipment that you’ll need this winter. Read on to learn more about 2 different styles of Cold Weather Gloves that we offer here at TannerBolt.com. One option will provide you with economical cold weather protection, while the other will provide you with maximum protection from the cold as well as, all the other hazards on the jobsite.

Cold Weather Glove Choices at Tanner

PowerGrab™ Thermo Hi-Vis Seamless Knit Gloves with Latex MicroFinish Grip

When looking for an economical choice of cold weather gloves, the PowerGrab™ Thermo Hi-Vis Seamles Knit Gloves are a great choice. The seamless construction allows for full dexterity and provides a comfortable skin like fit. These gloves have excellent thermal insulation and quickly evaporate moisture from the skin leaving your hands warm and dry. The latex MicroFinish coating provides superior grip in both dry and wet conditions, making these gloves the perfect choice for a number of different applications. The PowerGrab™ Thermo Seamless Knit Gloves are widely used in refrigerated areas, utilities, food processing, commercial fishing, construction, outdoor winter activities and recreation. Get your hands on a pair of PowerGrab™ Thermo Hi-Vis Seamles Knit Gloves today at TannerBolt.com.PowerGrab™ Thermo Gloves

Product Features:

  • Seamless construction for a comfortable fit
  • 10 Gauge
  • Acrylic gloves provide economical cold weather protection
  • Latex MicroFinish coating provides a superior grip in dry and wet conditions by reacting like tiny suction cups that attach themselves firmly to the material being handled
  • Knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Hi-Vis coloring makes this product very easy to see
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Quickly evaporates moisture from the skin
  • Extra softness for non-chafing comfort
  • Launderable for extended life and to reduce replacement costs
  • Cotton color binding denotes sizing
  • Hi-Vis Orange or Hi-Vis Lime Green


Maximum Safety® Mad Max™ Thermo Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will not only protect you from the winter weather, but also from the bumps and bruses of the jobsite, look no further than the Maximum Safety® Mad Max™ Thermo Gloves. With Thermo Plastic Rubber molded fingers, thumb, and back of the hand guards, as well as additional foam padded knuckles, these gloves provide you with maximum protection. Mad Max™ Thermo Gloves are constructed with 3M™ Thinsulate™ lining providing superior insulation and a HIPORA® liner that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable all at the same time. These gloves provide you with the protection typical gloves can’t making them great for petrochemical, heavy/light construction, auto repair, demolition, manufacturing, mining, fabrication, and landscaping. Get your hands on the Maximum Safety® Mad Max™ Thermo Gloves at TannerBolt.com now!

Product Features:Mad Max™ Thermo Gloves

  • Synthetic leather palm enhances grip in dry and light oil applications while providing dexterity
  • PVC sandy grip on palm and fingertips provides an enhanced grip and extra cut/abrasion resistance
  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ lining provides superior insulation without the bulk of fleece
  • HIPORA® liner is waterproof, windproof and breathable all at the same time and will keep hands dry and comfortable
  • Foam laminated spandex fabric back for comfort and breathability
  • Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) molded finger, thumb and back hand guards for maximum protection
  • Reinforced thumb crotch for extended glove life, enhanced comfort, increased abrasion resistance and added durability in a high-wear area
  • Foam padded knuckles for added protection
  • Airprene wrist is made with breathable neoprene for comfort
  • Vented lycra fabric to keep your hands cool
  • Synthetic leather upper and heavy lycra fabric bottom fourchettes enhance the natural contour of the glove for a better fit
  • Hi-Vis coloring and reflective back makes this product very easy to see
  • Launderable for extended life and to reduce replacement costs

Stay Informed and Help Prevent these Common Winter Safety Hazards on the Jobsite

The winter months bring frigid cold, snowy weather, and dangerous ice. All of these factors can make working on a construction project and other outside jobsites a dangerous place. We all know the inherent dangers of slips and falls, but there are many more factors and hazards to consider while working in these extreme conditions. The best way to avoid these dangers is to brush up on your knowledge of winter hazards and to take the correct safety precautions while on the jobsite. In the following article, we will talk about common dangers and safety hazards you may encounter on the jobsite, as well as precautions and steps to take to keep you and your fellow worker safe this winter.

Cold Weather Gloves and Headwear

One of the most common dangers associated with winter and cold is frostbite. Frostbite is far more dangerous than most people understand, it can lead to permanent skin damage and even the loss of limbs and appendages in extreme conditions. Frostbite is the destruction of tissue caused by exposure to extreme cold, humidity and wind are also two key factors in the probability of developing frostbite. The first signs of frostbite are small patches of white on the skin where the underlying moisture has already begun to freeze. To prevent further damage, you need to move to a warmer area and allow the damaged skin to gradually return to its normal temperature. It is crucial that you do not rub frostbitten skin, put a hot compress on the affected area, or run warm water on it, this can actually worsen the damage. If at any point you can no longer feel your finger or toes, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Covering exposed skin and dressing in layers is the best way to avoid becoming frostbitten.

Ice Traction Soles, Thermal Bib, and Thermal Insoles

Another danger that is prevalent on jobsites during the wintertime is icy work surfaces. Just like how bridges freeze quicker than the roads leading up to them, scaffolds, ladders, and similar surfaces will accumulate ice well before ground surfaces. This is because they are elevated and open, allowing cold air to circulate around them. The best action to take against these dangers is to periodically inspect these surfaces and remove the ice when it begins to accumulate. Icicles are another form of an icy hazard commonly found on jobsites during the winter. These inert ice forms can break off at any point and become an extremely dangerous falling hazard. Icicles need to carefully be removed, especially if the temperatures are beginning to warm. If icicles can not be removed, the area under the icicles needs to be roped off until they are no longer a safety hazard.

Hi-Visibility Clothes and Headwear

A danger that most people would not think of during the wintertime is dehydration. Dehydration is most commonly recognized as a summertime problem, but it can still be just as dangerous even on the coldest days. All the extra layers of clothing workers wear to stay warm can actually lead to dehydration. The extra layers of clothing hold in the body heat, and in turn, cause the body to perspire to cool off. Those workers who fail to replenish fluids throughout the day are prone to dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration are perspiration, fatigue, and dizziness followed up by severe cramping. To prevent dehydration adequate amounts of drinking water need to be present on the jobsite. Drinking warm beverages and sports drinks are also encouraged.

Here at Tanner, we want to be sure you and your fellow workers are all well prepared for these cold winter months. We have a number of safety and personal protection products to keep you safe and warm this winter including Hi-Visibility Apparel, Cold Weather Gloves, Winter Liners & Headwear, Thermal Bids, Thermal Insoles, and Ice Traction Soles. From everyone at Tanner, we hope that you stay safe, stay warm, and stay informed this winter.

Stay Warm and Safe This Winter by Shopping at TannerBolt.com

The cold weather is officially here and along with it comes a number of health concerns and dangers to the workplace. The cold not only makes your workers uncomfortable, but it also lowers work efficiency and raises the risk of accidents. The cold weather impairs the mind to perform complex mental tasks leading to mix-ups and miscommunications. It also affects manual tasks because the sensitivity and dexterity of fingers are reduced in the cold. The only way to avoid these dangers is by making sure everyone is prepared and dressed in the appropriate apparel. Keep you and your workers warm from head to toe with the help from us at TannerBolt.com

Headwear and Gloves
Headwear and Gloves

Most of your heat loss comes from your head, so having a good winter liner is a must. We have a various number of different lengths and warmths to choose from and while you’re there you might as well grab one of our Hi-Vis Knit Hats too. Next on the list is an appropriate winter coat or jacket. Our Hi-Vis 7 in 1 All Conditions Winter Coat is the perfect fit for all types of weather, including the coldest of days.  Not only is it a Class 3 winter coat, but it can also be worn as a Class 2 jacket or vest depending on the weather. When you’re working with your hands all day keeping them warm is the number one goal in staying effective and a pair of our Cold Weather Gloves will do just that. Our Thermo Winter Workmans Gloves will keep your hands warm and protected, along with providing excellent grip to help with the difficulties of the cold. The final piece to stay warm and comfortable is a pair of our 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insoles. The insoles will provide you with foot-forming comfort, moisture-wicking for dryness, and exceptional warmth. Warm workers are not only happier, but they also lead to a safer and more effective workplace. So keep everyone safe and warm this winter with some help from us here at TannerBolt.com.

Winter Coat and Insoles
Winter Coat and Insoles