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Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades: Six Quick Tips for Longer Blade Life

The initial cost of a metal cutting circular saw blade is more expensive than wood cutting blades. The good news is there are simple tips that will extend your blade life and lower the overall cost-per-cut. The Morse Metal Devil® metal cutting circular saw blade can cut through solid steel plate (6” x ¼”) in less than 12 seconds. If that kind of time savings and productivity is something you can use on your next project, keep reading!


1)Metal Devil® metal cutting circular saw blades are engineered to use dry cut technology.  That means you do not need to use lubricant or coolant with the Metal Devil blades.

2)These blades perform best when used with low RPM metal cutting saws, such as the Morse Metal Devil 7, 9 and 14-inch saws.

3)Select the correct blade design for your application to achieve the best performance, such as steel, thin steel, or aluminum blade.

4)Clamp your material securely so that it does not vibrate or spin. Morse offers a V-block clamp for tubes.

5)Extend the blade completely out of the saw and use a guide or straight edge to make the cut.

6)Bring the blade to full speed before entering the cut and do not push the saw through the material. Slow down and let the teeth make the cut.


Consistently follow these steps to optimize your blade life.

Happy Sawing –

h/t Steve Whaley, Technical Support @ M. K. Morse


The Importance of Being Cool


For higher torque, lower rpm circular saws, MK Morse Metal Devil™ metal cutting saw blades in different configurations are most appropriate to handle different materials, such as steel, thin steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and steel studs. Important differences between blade configurations are the number of teeth on the blade, shape of teeth, and the carbide grade. Even differences engineered into the plate help provide the longest life possible from both the blade and saw and minimize user fatigue.

These metal cutting circular saw blades provide better cutting solutions than those traditionally used. Metallurgy of the carbide tips means there is minimal heat transferred to the inner plate. These blades move through metal up to five times faster than traditional cutting methods with minimal noise, sparks, and heat. You can touch the metal the instant the cut is finished, it’s that cool.

Morse Metal Devil saw blades will work on any professional quality circular saw. However, they reach their full potential when used on specially constructed metal-cutting circular saws. These metal cutting saws utilize unique motors allowing them to maintain higher torque while cutting through tough metals. Metal cutting saws are also safer to use since they prevent chips from flying and have special chip collection chambers.

The combined effect is a more productive day.

Metal Devil Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades pdf