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Picking the Correct Countersink for Your Next Job

What are Countersinks Used for?champion_Countersinks

A countersink is a cutting tool that cuts a conical hole into a base material and can be used for a number of different applications. The main use of countersinks is to cut a hole to allow the head of a countersunk screw or bolt, when fastened into the hole, to sit below or flush with the surface of the base material. They are also used after drilling and tapping applications to remove any burrs that are left behind.

Why Choose Champion Countersinks?

Champion Cutting Tool manufactures a wide variety of high-speed steel countersinks designed to perform a number of different applications, each with their own advantages in certain situations. Champion’s countersinks will provide users with a chatter-free performance and smooth, fast chip removal. Countersinks can be used in hand drills, drill presses, milling machines and lathes. Widely used in the glass, window and door industry, Champion countersinks will cut through metal, plastic and wood.

*It is recommended to use BruteLube to enhance the performance and extend the tool life of Champion Countersinks*

Most Popular Countersink Styles

Zero Flute Countersinks

Zero Flute Countersink
Zero Flute Countersink

Zero flute countersinks are a cross-hole countersink, the cone-shaped cutting tools feature a cutting edge provided by a hole that goes through the side of the cone. The cutting edge is formed from the intersection of the hole and the cone. Commonly referred to as a Weldon style countersink. Zero flute countersinks are best suited for softer materials including aluminum, wood & plastic for countersinking & deburring applications. They are offered in 2 styles:

  • Piloted: Piloted countersinks are recommended for screws from 1/4″ – 1/2″ diameter
  • Pilotless: Pilotless countersinks are recommended for bolt sizes from 0.073″ – 1-15/32″ & screw sizes #4 – #10 diameters

Single Flute Countersinks

Single Flute Countersink
Single Flute Countersink

Single flute countersinks are designed for use when the hole is too small for a multi-flute countersink or when multi-flute countersinks chatter. Widely used for machine and portable work at high speeds.

Three & Four Flute Countersinks

Similar to single flute countersinks, multi-flute countersinks are designed for chatter-free performance and are mostly used in portable applications.

Combo Drill & Countersinks

Multi Flute Countersink
Multi Flute Countersink

Combo drill and countersinks are designed to produce accurate conical holes in components that require machining between centers.

How to Choose the Right Size Countersink Diameter

You will want to choose a countersink that is larger than the bolt size of the hole. Countersink diameter = 1.5 x Bolt Size Hole Diameter.

Example: 1/4″-20 Bolt – Multiple the diameter (.250) x 1.5 = 0.375. You will want to use a 3/8″ countersink.

How to Calculate Countersink RPM Speeds

Countersinking is typically performed at 1/3 of the RPM speed of drilling. You will first want to calculate the speed by using the formula below, then you will want to divide that speed by 3 to get the countersinking speed.

Formula: SFM (surface feet/minute) x 3.82 / Cutter Diameter (decimal equivalent) / 3

Material Surface Feet / Minute (SFM) Sample Calculations for 1/4” Countersink Speed (RPM)
Aluminum 200 – 250 (225 (SFM) x 3.82 / .2500) /3 = 1,146 RPM
Mild Steel 100 – 110 (115 (SFM) x 3.82 / .2500) /3 = 586 RPM
Stainless Steel 30 – 100 (65 (SFM) x 3.82 / .2500) /3 = 381 RPM

Don’t Call Me a Drill Bit – I am the Brute Drill.

Brute Platinum Drills – Heavy Duty Cutting Toolsbrute platinum logo

Champion Cutting Tool Corp. developed the Brute Platinum product line to outperform costly cobalt drill bits. Brute Platinum drills are designed to penetrate faster and have more flexibility, leading to less breakage and a longer tool life. The Brute Platinum product line is the leader in heavy duty metal cutting.

Outperforming the Competition

Brute Platinum drills are engineered for high performance in the toughest materials and environments. Developed from a combination of high quality raw materials, specific geometries and surface treatments; Brute Platinum Drills provide the user with a consistent, predictable and repeatable high performance drilling experience. All Brute drills feature Champion’s exclusive NOMO (Nitride on Margins Only) surface treatment. The combination of all these aspects make Brute Platinum Drills the ultimate workhorse for any metal drilling application.

Featured Brute Platinum Drills at TannerXL5

Heavy Duty XL5 Jobber Drills

Proven to penetrate faster than cobalt drills, the XL5 Jobber Drills feature a precision ground 135° split point that eliminates the need for a pilot hole. The split point also prevents “walking” and has the ability to bite right into #300 & #400 series stainless steel.

  • Users state lower fatigue levels, less force is required to drill
  • Less breakage due to unique “toughness: hardness” ratio
  • Ability to flex when cobalt drills chip or snap
  • Straight Shank
  • Heavy Duty
  • High Speed Steel with Black & Bright Finish & NOMO® Surface TreatmentXL28
  • 135° Split Point

XL28 Mechanics Length Drills

  • Heavy duty 135° split point for self-centering and quick penetration
  • Three flatted shank designed to ensure positive grip in keyless drill chucks
  • High Speed Steel with NOMO® Surface Treatment
  • Strong, rigid overall length
  • Heavy duty web geometry provides added rigidity

Not Just Drills – The Full Brute Platinum Product RangeBrute Platinum Product Range

In the addition of Twist Drills, the Brute Platinum product line also includes a number of other popular metal cutting tools.

Brute Platinum Drills in Action

Join Tanner at the Glass Expo Northeast™ ’17


For Immediate Release
March 17th 2017

Tanner – Brooklyn
4302 Glenwood Road
Brooklyn, NY 11210


Region’s Largest Glass-Related Conference and Trade Show

Tanner has just confirmed it will be attending the Glass Expo Northeast™ ’17 –  located at Booth #506. Joining Tanner at this years Glass Expo are some of the best know companies in the industry: 3M Fall Protection, DEWALT, Powers, Champion Cutting Tools and Elco to name a few. Due to the overwhelming success in the past, the expo will be moving to a new venue this year – Hilton Long Island / Huntington Hotel in Huntington NY.

The Glass Expo Northeast™ ’17, to be held on March 30 – 31, 2017, is the largest conference and trade show dedicated to the architectural glass and metal industry. For 2017 the expo will be co-sponsored by: USGlass Magazine, Long Island Glass Association, USGNN.com and Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal. Join industry leaders and learn about the latest industry trends and services while gaining valuable insight on how to improve your business and profitability. Plus – network with other members of the industry from across the country and view the latest products and services available today.

More than 93% of the 2015 attendees stated they would return to future expos, with more than 90%  confirming the trade show floor exceeded or met their expectations

Champion Cutting Tools will be featuring their XL5 Brute Platinum Drill Bits. XL5 Brute Platinum Drill have been proven to penetrate and drill faster than cobalt bits. The precision ground 135° split point eliminates the need for drilling pilot holes. XL5 bits break less often due to the “toughness to hardness” ratio, allowing them to flex when cobalt bits chip or snap.

Straight Shank – Heavy Duty – Black & Bright Finish – 135° Split Point – NOMO® Surface Treatment – HSS

Elco will be featuring their Flex Technology Products. Elco’s Flex Technology line of products incorporate high performance and virtual immunity to delayed embrittlement failures. These products far surpass any standard fastening formats available today. Elco Flex Technology products allow designers and system manufacturers to manage risk and enhance the performance of critical connections.

Dissimilar Metal Applications – Windows, Doors & Skylights – Building Enclosures/Envelopes (Curtain Wall Systems, Stone Facades, Insulated Metal Panels – Blast Protection Systems – Solar Panel Racking Support

Tanner is an authorized, top tier distributor of Elco, 3M Fall Protection, DEWALT, Powers and Champion Cutting Tools product lines. Our products can be found on our main website: TannerBolt.com and our brand new SBDK dedicated website: TannerContractorSupply.com.