When Your Life is on the Line, Choose Capital Safety SRLs


The First and Still the Best

Capital Safety is well known for being the industry leader in a number of different fall safety equipment categories. This extends to their reliable and versatile lines of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) as well. Capital Safety was the first to develop the Self Retracting Lifeline over 60 years ago. Over the years, Capital Safety’s advancements and innovations have been adopted across the industry. These advancements and innovations include: the Sealed Design,

Capital Safety Provides You with the Smarter Rescue Plan – DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue System

After meticulously going through your safety checklist and donning all the necessary safety equipment, the unthinkable happens. You slip on a wet spot and you find yourself suspended 50 ft above the ground. Thoughts race through your mind as you hang there helplessly, when will someone be alerted about my fall, how long will it take them to rescue me?!

Check Out the Brand New Nano-Lok Arc Flash and Hot Work Self Retracting Lifelines

Welders and electrical personnel have to deal with the risks of weld splatter, sparks, arc flashes, and other high heat exposures on a daily basis. The last thing they want to do while working at heights is to have to worry about these dangers compromising the integrity of their safety gear. To help combat this added danger, Capital Safety has come out with two brand new lines of Self Retracting Lifelines. For the workers in the electrical transmission and distribution environments, Capital

Rollgliss R250 Pole Rescue Kit

One of the easiest rescue and descent systems out there to use is the Rollgliss R250 Pole Rescue Kit. This Kit is ideal for use as a peer rescue system in industrial environments. The Rollgliss R250 system is easy to operate and specifically designed for workers who don’t perform rescue as part of their normal job functions. With the R250 system the rescuer can safely remove a person from danger without having to put themselves at risk by descending to them. To use the Rollgliss R250, first

Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit

One of the most versatile and efficient rescue and descent system on the market today is the Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit. The Rollgliss R350 system provides quick, safe, and effortless operation with state of the art technology and design. The R350 is pre-rigged, so it is ready to be quickly installed right out of the bag. But what makes this system so unique is that it is completely customizable by adding optional pulleys. With these optional pulleys the user can change the

DBI Sala Rollgliss R550 Rescue and Descent Kit

When rescuing a fallen worker the last thing you want to do is complicate the situation. The DBI Sala Rollgliss R550 Rescue and Descent Kit helps keep things simple. The R550 is the lightest, most compact, and easy to use design on the market. It offers the choice of rescue, evacuation, or the versatility of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. This system can be used for a secure, automatic rescue and descent for cell phone towers, aerial lifts, cranes, wind towers, buildings, and much

Tanner Expands Its Capital Safety Product Line with DBI Sala Rollgliss Rescue and Descent Systems

Tanner is happy to announce that we now carry over 2000 Capital Safety Fall Protection products. From Full Body Harnesses to Lanyards and SRLs, we carry all the most popular products keeping you safe and secure in any situation. No matter how safe you may be while working, accidents still happen. While working at heights the dangers of these accidents are greatly increased. One such accident you need to be prepared for is when one of your fellow workers slips and falls. Hopefully for them they

National Fall Prevention Stand-Down

The purpose of the National Fall Prevention Stand-Down is to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers, accounting for 269 of the 775 construction fatalities recorded in 2012. Those deaths were preventable. Fall prevention safety standards were among the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards, during fiscal year 2012.

Check Out Our New Capital Safety Personal Safety Kits

DBI Sala Delta Personal Safety Kits

The DBI Sala Delta Personal Safety Kits are the only choice when you are looking for a top of the line Personal Safety Kit. Each kit contains a 5 Point Adjustable Harness, a 6′ EZ Stop Shock Absorbing Lanyard, and a DBI Sala Gear Bag. There are two different harnesses and lanyards to choose from for these kits.

Delta, Making the World Safer One Harness at a Time

When looking for a safe and reliable full-body harness, Delta should be at the top of your list. For over 20 years they have been designing and researching to perfect the full body harness. Their latest line of harnesses will go above and beyond your expectations with durability, convenience, and comfort. Check out our line of Delta Harnesses here or continue reading about the feature and benefits below.