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Don’t Call Me a Drill Bit – I am the Brute Drill.

Brute Platinum Drills – Heavy Duty Cutting Toolsbrute platinum logo

Champion Cutting Tool Corp. developed the Brute Platinum product line to outperform costly cobalt drill bits. Brute Platinum drills are designed to penetrate faster and have more flexibility, leading to less breakage and a longer tool life. The Brute Platinum product line is the leader in heavy duty metal cutting.

Outperforming the Competition

Brute Platinum drills are engineered for high performance in the toughest materials and environments. Developed from a combination of high quality raw materials, specific geometries and surface treatments; Brute Platinum Drills provide the user with a consistent, predictable and repeatable high performance drilling experience. All Brute drills feature Champion’s exclusive NOMO (Nitride on Margins Only) surface treatment. The combination of all these aspects make Brute Platinum Drills the ultimate workhorse for any metal drilling application.

Featured Brute Platinum Drills at TannerXL5

Heavy Duty XL5 Jobber Drills

Proven to penetrate faster than cobalt drills, the XL5 Jobber Drills feature a precision ground 135° split point that eliminates the need for a pilot hole. The split point also prevents “walking” and has the ability to bite right into #300 & #400 series stainless steel.

  • Users state lower fatigue levels, less force is required to drill
  • Less breakage due to unique “toughness: hardness” ratio
  • Ability to flex when cobalt drills chip or snap
  • Straight Shank
  • Heavy Duty
  • High Speed Steel with Black & Bright Finish & NOMO® Surface TreatmentXL28
  • 135° Split Point

XL28 Mechanics Length Drills

  • Heavy duty 135° split point for self-centering and quick penetration
  • Three flatted shank designed to ensure positive grip in keyless drill chucks
  • High Speed Steel with NOMO® Surface Treatment
  • Strong, rigid overall length
  • Heavy duty web geometry provides added rigidity

Not Just Drills – The Full Brute Platinum Product RangeBrute Platinum Product Range

In the addition of Twist Drills, the Brute Platinum product line also includes a number of other popular metal cutting tools.

Brute Platinum Drills in Action

Introducing the Brand New XLT Tapper Tool

Champion Cutting Tools is Changing the Way You Tap Holes Forever

Tap More Holes. Save More Time. Create Precise Threads.

Champion Cutting Tools was looking for a solution to easily and efficiently tap a large number of holes without having to lug around a big bulky tool. And what they came up with was the perfect tool for tapping holes on the go, introducing the Brute Platinum XLT Tapper Tool. The XLT Tapper was designed to increase the tapping productivity when threading a large amount of holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Far exceeding the competition and traditional ways of tapping, the XLT Tapper taps holes 10X faster than handheld tapping using a tap wrench.Tapper Action

  • High Performance:
    • Tap 10X Faster Than Hand Tapping
    • Less Tap Breakage Increases Productivity
    • Powerful 450 Watt Motor
  • High Tech:
    • Automatic Reversing Action
    • Consistent Speed Control for Precise Threading and Less Tap Breakage

If you work in the architectural metal and glass, steel fabrication, elevator maintenance, automotive, MRO or other similar industries… the XLT Tapper is the perfect tool for you! The XLT Tapper has been specifically engineered for heavy duty jobs, whether you are on site or in the shop. Able to tap steel / ferrous materials from #10 up to 9/16″ (14mm) and aluminum / non-ferrous materials from #10 up to 5/8″ (16mm). Boasting high tech features like the auto reverse, speed control and pivoting tap collet to help reduce tap breakage – saving you time and money on the job.

  • High Capacity:
    • Fits standard Square Shank Taps
    • Can Tap Steel/Ferrous Materials from #10 up to 9/16″ (14mm)
    • Can Tap Aluminum/Non-Ferrous Materials from #10 up to 5/8″ (16mm)

Champion Cutting Tools not only wanted to design the perfect tapping tool, they also wanted it to be user friendly. With that in mind, the XLT Tapper is easy to use and extremely lightweight (only 6 lbs.). Featuring a depth-stop control threading depth, along with a spindle clutch for safer jam-free tapping. To optimize effectiveness and for fast and easy tapping, be sure to use Brute Platinum XL22 Spiral Point Taps with BruteLube Cutting Fluid. The XLT Tapper is the newest addition to the Brute Platinum Family at Champion Cutting Tools, the perfect heavy duty tools for your heavy duty jobs!

XLT Tapper

XLT Tapper Highlights