Anchor Compliance Is Now The Law In Most States


ICC-ES Reports for Code Compliant Anchors

ESR-2966 ICC-ES Report for Power-Stud+SD1 Wedge Anchor (Masonry Anchorage)

Box Bolt Used In Landmark NYC Construction Project

The New York Waterway recently renovated their Midtown Welcome Center. The center is located on the Hudson River on the Westside Highway. The renovation involved the addition of 2 new, glass clad buildings. Box Bolts were selected to attach the glazing framework to the hollow section steel. The Box Bolts allowed the contractors to prefab all of the HSS with holes already drilled. This greatly reduced site labor because the framework could be easily and simply installed with regular hand tools.

Q&A on Code Compliant Anchors for Concrete

There has been a lot of information and some confusion about the new requirements for mechanical and adhesive anchors as it relates to the 2006 IBC Building Code. At the Stafda show last November in Atlanta, Mark Johnson President of ICC-ES answered questions on this subject.

Sleeve Anchor Solution


Save Installation Time- New Overhead Anchor

The new SNAKE(TM)+ overhead anchor from Powers Fasteners, Inc. speeds installation of threaded rods…and is one of the industry’s first mechanical anchors to meet the new more stringent International Building Code (IBC) for strength design (Cracked Concrete).

What is an existing wall anchor?

A flat head combo drive sleeve anchor available in  3/8″ diameters  4″, 5″ and 6″. Manufactured in zinc plated steel and stainless steel. Packaged in small box quantities and Bucket of Bolts! Also known as ThunderBolt, DynaBolt, and LokBolt.