Stainless Steel Threaded Concrete Anchors by Elco®

The Only Choice for Concrete & Masonry Applications in Highly Corrosive Environments

Elco® Construction Products help provide improved building integrity, ensure strength, and can perform even in the most demanding environments. To meet the needs of the wide range of concrete and masonry applications in corrosive environments, Elco® offers three different stainless steel concrete and masonry anchors:

Powers Fasteners ICC-ES Code Compliant Anchors Available at Tanner

The International Building or Residential Codes (IBC and IRC) have been adopted in all 50 states. The building codes serve as the basic design and enforcement requirements that an owner, engineer, contractor, inspector, and/or code offical uses to produce safe structures today. It also applies to renovations of existing buildings requiring construction to meet current code requiremnets. These structures include everything from condos, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and high-rise

New Bolt & Shield Anchors Added to Tanners Product Line

Tanner is happy to announce the addition of nearly 1,000 new products to our website. The new editions include fasteners, anchors, drill bits, saw blades, and much more. Our goal here at Tanner is to continuously add new high-quality products for you, our customers to buy. Along with the addition of new products, we hope to provide you with ample information about each of them as well. Two new product lines added to our Bolt & Shield Anchors department are, the Calk-In Anchors and the Single

Heavy Duty, Vibration Resistant, Self-Locking Sleeve Anchor: The Power-Bolt by Powers Fasteners

The Power-Bolt by Powers Fasteners is a heavy duty, vibration resistant, self-locking sleeve anchor. The Power-Bolt is available in two different head styles: a finished hex head or flat head with a hex key insert.


These anchors are made out of Zinc Plated Carbon Steel (Finished Hex Head and Flat Head) and also Type 304 Stainless Steel (Finished Hex Head). The internal bolt of the Power-Bolt is removable and reusable in the same anchor sleeve. This makes it suitable for applications such as

Which Tapper Concrete Screw Anchor is the Right One for Me?

Tapper Concrete Screw Anchors

The Tapper Concrete Screw Anchors are designed for light to medium duty applications in concrete, masonry block, and brick base materials. The Tapper Concrete Screw Anchors are easily installed with matched tolerance drill bits and installation tools. These drill bits and installation tools are designed for optimum performance, and provide the user with a fast and easy installation process. There are a number of different head styles, colors, and finishes to choose

Know the Differences Between Each Power-Stud+ SD (Strength Design), Wedge Expansion Anchor

Power-Stud+ SD1

Power-Stud+ SD1 Anchors are fully threaded, torque-controlled, wedge expansion anchors. The anchor is manufactured with a zinc plated carbon steel body and expansion clip.

The Importance of Code Compliant Anchors

Save 50% on Labor with New Smart DI+ Drop-In Anchors

The Smart DI+ Drop-In is an all steel internally threaded anchor specifically designed with  safety, reliability and speed in mind. The patented Smart DI+ design reduces the amount of force required to set the anchor. What used to take approximately twenty hammer blows on a typical 3/8″ diameter part can now be accomplished in approximately 5 blows, reducing overall labor costs by approximately 50%. The cylindrical plug design concentrates more expansion at the bottom of the anchor where it’s

Problems anchoring to hollow core precast plank or brick with weep holes?

The HollowSet Drop-In is specifically designed and engineered for anchoring in hollow base materials such as hollow concrete block, brick with weep holes and precast hollow core plank. It can also be used in solid base materials, and is appropriate for overhead applications. Great for anchoring in wall thickness as little as 1 inch. Sleeve is made from zamac alloy for better corrosion resistance, cone is available in carbon or stainless steel.

AC100+Gold Low Temperature Installation News

Tanner distributes AC100+Gold, manufactured by Powers Fasteners, an excellent adhesive anchoring product used to bond threaded rod and reinforcing bar into solid concrete and masonry base materials. AC100+  is an all weather product, with the distinction of being an excellent performer in cold weather. New testing done recently shows no load reduction at 23 degrees fahrenheit. Powers and Hilti are the only two companies with ICC-ES listed cold weather acrylic adhesives, tested with a valid