Concrete Screw Anchors

Concrete screw anchors offer optimal performance in concrete, brick, hollow block and wood base material applications. The alternating high/low threads cut into the material and provide self-threading action and maximum holding power.

Concrete screws also feature a gimlet point, providing the “bite” for self-drilling into wood base materials, no need to pre-drill. Concrete screws are manufactured with a special coating that results in superior corrosion resistance.


What anchors can I use in

Security Sleeve Anchors To Protect Your Property


Tanner security anchors for normal-weight concrete, grouted, hollow and brick masonry, offer a high-value, cost-effective solution for safeguarding products and property. Security anchors are a bit more expensive than conventional commercial fasteners, but the added security is worth the additional cost. Tanner offers several different types of security anchors, based on

How to Install a Wedge Anchor - All You Need to Know

How to install wedge anchors?

Correct installation is the key to a successful application once an anchor has been selected. A properly drilled hole is essential for ease of installation and optimal anchor performance.


Using the correct diameter drill bit (bit diameter is the same as anchor diameter), drill a hole into the base material to a depth of at least 1/2" or one anchor diameter deeper than the embedment required. Most wedge anchors are designed to be installed in holes drilled with

Strength Design Power-Stud® Expansion Anchors by Powers Fasteners®

At Tanner, we offer nothing but the best products to our customers. From simple screws to security hardware, everything we sell is top-notch quality. 


That includes our wide range of expansion anchors.


We’re not just talking about any expansion anchors here, though. These are Power-Stud®+ Wedge Expansion Anchors from Dewalt engineered by Powers Fasteners®. These anchors are fully-threaded, torque-controlled, and designed for consistent performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete. 


Concrete Anchor Bolts: Which Type Should You Use?

Whether we’re talking about screws, nails, or any other type of fastener, there are several different types at your disposal. Each one has a specific use case and works best for a certain application.

Make Blind Structural Connections Fast & Easy with BoxBolt®

There has recently been an increase in the use of structural hollow sections as columns in multi-story construction projects. This increase is due to the aesthetic, economic and structural performances that these hollow sections can provide for for engineers. The only downfall to this type of construction is the inability to access the interior of the sections to allow for the tightening of a standard bolt. Due to this, there was a need to develop a blind fastening solution that will ensure a

3M Introduces the Smoothest Sliding Beam Anchors Ever

New Product Announcement

While working at heights with a Sliding Beam Anchor, a simple to use & smooth gliding anchor is what customers want. With the launch of their new Sliding Beam Anchors, 3M™ is giving their customers just what they are looking for.  3M™ is happy to announce the launch of  3M™ DBI-SALA® & Protecta® Sliding Beam Anchors – their smoothest sliding anchors yet.

Screw-Bolt+™ – The New Standard for Heavy Duty Screw Anchors

High-Performance Screw Anchors

One of the newer products put out by DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™, is the Screw-Bolt+™, a high-performance Screw Anchors. These screw anchors are one piece and have a finished hex head. Screw-Bolt+™ Anchors are very user friendly, with a simple installation process, easy identification, and are fully removable. They feature a patented thread design that is designed to be used with standard ANSI drill bits, which reduces installation torque and enhances

The New Standard for Rod Hanging Applications

HangerMate®+ Rod Hanging System for Concrete, Wood & Steel

By DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™

HangerMate®+ Anchors are the newest line of rod hanging anchors developed by DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™. The HangerMate®+ Anchors are a one piece, steel anchor designed for rod hanging applications such as fire protection systems, ventilation systems, electrical conduit, pipe hanging and cable trays.


HangerMate®+ Anchors come in a variety of styles designed for applications in concrete, steel &

Find the Right Adhesive Anchoring System for Your Job

Adhesive Anchoring Systems from DeWalt® Engineered by Powers™

The Bond that Holds the System Together

With 3 levels of performance, these new adhesive anchors allow you the choice from the cost efficient options all the way to the heavy duty working load options, that will give you the highest level of performance. All 3 levels of the new adhesive anchoring systems from DeWalt® Engineered by Powers™ will provide you with reliable installation each and every time. Read on to learn more about