United Abrasives Keeps Expanding it’s Product Lines

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United Abrasives is known worldwide for their consistent, high quality products and exceptional levels of service. Being one of the largest and leading manufacturers of abrasives in the world, United Abrasives is always looking to expand their product offerings. Each year United Abrasives puts out new and improved products to help make their customers jobs go easier and help them produce a better overall finished piece

Abrasives FAQs

In the same way that not all fasteners are the same (self-drilling, nuts and bolts, security fasteners, etc.), not all grinding wheels are the same. All the differences raise any number of questions about our grinding wheels.

The DNA of a Grinding Wheel

A grinding wheel is a resin bonded abrasive composed of abrasive grains which are held tightly together by a bonding agent and reinforced with a woven material. The main function of a grinding wheel is to remove material from a workpiece in an abrasive action with each grain acting as a cutting tool.