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Using a Carriage Bolt as a Tamper Resistant Fastener

A carriage bolt is used to fasten metal to metal, wood to wood, and wood to metal. The head of a carriage bolt is round with a square neck under the head. The square neck functions as a locking device when inserted into a pre-drilled hole, designed to keep the head from turning as a nut is tightened. Carriage bolts can be manufactured from low and medium-carbon steel, as well as stainless steel.


As a public service, Tanner is sharing a recently published DEWALT Safety Recall Notice and the repair process for your safety. Please see DEWALT's recall notice below:

DEWALT Model DWS779, DWS780 and DHS790 Miter Saws Recall Notice, August 2022

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, DEWALT is recalling those products to address a rear guard assembly that can break or detach, posing an injury hazard to the user.

Concrete Screw Anchors

Concrete screw anchors offer optimal performance in concrete, brick, hollow block and wood base material applications. The alternating high/low threads cut into the material and provide self-threading action and maximum holding power.

Concrete screws also feature a gimlet point, providing the “bite” for self-drilling into wood base materials, no need to pre-drill. Concrete screws are manufactured with a special coating that results in superior corrosion resistance.


What anchors can I use in

Security Fasteners & Tamper Proof Screws


Tanner Bolt & Nut Corp. features seven types of security fasteners with unique drive configurations, each available in different head styles and materials. Security fasteners are cap screws, machine screws, self-drilling screws, concrete screws, sheet metal screws, nuts, or bolts manufactured with a tamper-proof or tamper-resistant drive or head style. Installation tools are available.

Hex Head Bolt - a Basic Understanding

Hex bolts, also known as hexagonal head bolts, are threaded machine bolts used with a nut or in a tapped hole. As the name suggests, hex head bolts are hexagonal heads (6 sides) made from grade 2 galvanized steel, 316/304 stainless steel, and grade 5 zinc plated steel.


Hex head bolts are designed to secure objects within or against other objects for a non-loosening hold. Applications for a hex bolt include fastening steel to steel, wood to wood, and other materials found on construction for

Security Sleeve Anchors To Protect Your Property


Tanner security anchors for normal-weight concrete, grouted, hollow and brick masonry, offer a high-value, cost-effective solution for safeguarding products and property. Security anchors are a bit more expensive than conventional commercial fasteners, but the added security is worth the additional cost. Tanner offers several different types of security anchors, based on

How to Install a Wedge Anchor - All You Need to Know

How to install wedge anchors?

Correct installation is the key to a successful application once an anchor has been selected. A properly drilled hole is essential for ease of installation and optimal anchor performance.


Using the correct diameter drill bit (bit diameter is the same as anchor diameter), drill a hole into the base material to a depth of at least 1/2" or one anchor diameter deeper than the embedment required. Most wedge anchors are designed to be installed in holes drilled with

Self-Drilling Screws For Metal - What You Need to Know

Fastening materials to metal is commonplace on the job site.


However, this means that you’ll need a special type of screw to get the job done: Self-drilling screws for metal. 


We’ll cover what you need to know about self-drilling screws for metal below. But first, let’s talk about the differences between screws for metal and other materials.

G-Tek® 3GX™ – The Go To Gloves for Cut Resistance

Every worker needs a reliable pair of cut-resistant gloves on the job site. No matter how careful you are with knives and other sharp tools, accidents can happen—and that’s where proper PPE comes into play.

Not only do you want cut-resistant gloves to come in for the save, but you also want a quality pair with high cut resistance, durability, and comfort. The G-TEK® 3GX™ cut-resistant gives you all of this in one convenient package. 

Let’s dive into the G-TEK® 3GX™ gloves and what makes them

Portable Fire Extinguishers - Here’s What You Need to Know

Learn How to Properly Identify & Correctly Use Portable Fire Extinguishers

No matter the environment, job site safety needs to be a top priority. 

It all starts with understanding the safety equipment at your disposal. Whether we’re talking about fall safety, fall protection for tools, or any other safety scenario, knowing how and when to use safety equipment can save lives.