When it comes to tool tethering, you have a few options.


You could use a DIY method with some tape, but certain safety implications come with that. You could also retrofit existing tools with certain attachment points, but that would involve some research to ensure you’re using the correct attachment point for your tool.


This brings us to your third option: Purchasing lanyard-ready tools. But are they worth the cost?

Let’s discuss the value behind lanyard-ready tools, how they compare to their regular counterparts, and some additional points to consider. 


Cost Differences With Lanyard-Ready Tools

Compared to tools without an attachment point, lanyard-ready tools will cost a little more since there’s an added feature involved.


However, the difference is often less than you think.


Take this DeWalt Cordless Impact Wrench, for example:



With the lanyard-ready attachment point, the tool comes in at $229.00. In most cases, DeWalt’s Lanyard-Ready tools are around $30 more than the same tool without an attachment point. Not exactly an unreasonable amount to pay for a lanyard-ready tool. 


When considering a lanyard-ready tool purchase, there are other ways that a pre-fitted attachment point can add value as well.


Having to buy the attachment point separately

To properly tether your tool, an appropriate attachment point is necessary. Lanyard-ready tools provide you with one by default. 


If you choose to retrofit an old tool with an attachment point, you'll need to consider the cost of purchasing the attachment point separately. If you're in the market for a new tool choosing the lanyard-ready option will help you save in the long run.


Tried and tested vs. DIY 

Securing your own tools with attachment points means that you’re responsible for choosing the right attachment point for the tool itself. Some attachment points aren’t designed for certain tools, so this step will require a bit of research. 


If the attachment point isn’t suitable for the tool or isn’t attached correctly, you could be looking at serious tool drop hazards, leading to damages, injury, and high costs.


Lanyard-ready tools are engineered with working at height safety in mind. The attachment points on these tools are designed for the tool in question and tested thoroughly, ensuring that the tool is secure at all times.


Savings in time

On the job site, time is money, and lanyard-ready tools can help you save loads of time. 

With a lanyard-ready tool, the only additional purchase you’ll need to make is the lanyard itself. There’s no need to research the proper attachment point for your tool. This can save you the headache of ensuring that your tools are properly secured while working at height and no one will be in danger on the job site. 


Lanyard-Ready Tools Offer Convenience and Quality Assurance

When you add features to any purchase, the cost will typically go up. 

While this is true for lanyard-ready tools, the truth is that the difference can be as little as 30$ more in some cases. 


For the added value and convenience, paying a little extra for quality, tried and tested lanyard-ready tools is worth it. An attachment point designed specifically for the tool means that your tool is always secure and your work area is safe from drop hazards. 


Looking for Lanyard-Ready Tools?

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