Top View of Boot on the trail with the text Safety FirstProper tethering solutions are now a requirement instead of a recommendation after the latest ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 Dropped Objects Standard. This means that it’s now more important than ever to make sure you and your fellow workers have the correct safety equipment while working at heights.


The best way to make sure your job site is compliant and keeping everyone safe is to shop from trusted industry leaders. Here are the brands we recommend:

3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for Tools

3M knows that protecting workers takes more than just protecting them from falling, but in addition, their tools need to be protected from heights as well. For years 3M has been pioneering an innovative line of products and solutions designed to help prevent dropped tools and equipment on the job site. All of the 3M tool drop prevention products are certified and tested by an on-site ISO 17025 accredited lab. This on-site lab allows them to simulate heat, cold, moisture, corrosion, and abrasion - the same challenges you face on the job site daily. Shop 3M Fall Protection for Tools to ensure you are getting the highest quality, most reliable fall protection equipment for your tools.



DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tools

Take your favorite power tools with you to the top with no fear of dropping them again! Power tools are more than just another tool on the job site, they are an investment. They are the backbone of the job site keeping things moving forward. The last thing you want to happen to one of these power tools is to have it drop from heights, not only because of the monetary value but also because of the safety hazard this tool will pose to unsuspecting workers below.


DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ is an integrated solution that offers options to safely tether selected corded and cordless power tools. With these tether-ready tool options, workers can quickly and easily tether their power tools to rigid structures around them on the job site. Save time, save money, and save a life with DEWALT Lanyard-Ready™ Power Tools.


PROTO® Tethered Tools Systems

PROTO® Tethered Tools Systems are designed to protect workers from the potential hazards that unsecured and untether tools can pose while working at heights. PROTO tool drop solutions allow users to work efficiently without any hindrance in any job capacity. PROTO offers both tool drop solution products and preassembly tether-ready hand tools with safety engineered into the tool.


Taking working at height safety to the next level, PROTO's SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System allows for positive control of your hand tools at all times while working at heights. SkyHook™ provides secure tool transfers, a free range of motion, and positive tool control at your worksite.


Williams Tools @Height (previously known as Snap-on®)

Williams Tools at Height gives users total control and security from storage, to transport, to reliability on the job at heights. First introduced in 2000 to help enhance the safety precautions at nuclear power stations, since then Williams Tools has become a reliable supplier of tool drop safety tools for the oil and gas, energy, utilities, construction, aerospace, and other industries worldwide. Each tool is securely fitted with a strong and reliable lanyard attachment point, designed for easy lanyard attachment without compromising the tool’s effectiveness. All Tools@Height tool drop safety products are tested and certified in accordance with the Williams Tools ISO 9001 Quality Management System.