If you are a maintenance technician and serve commercial or industrial clients, some of the most important parts and tools, which you use every day, can be the hardest to find.  When a service technician arrives on a job site, nothing slows down a project, and therefore eats away a company’s profit margin, like having to leave a job site and run around town, looking for hard to find parts. So when you need to stock up a truck with commercial and industrial tools and fasteners, look for a supplier that can provide a wide range of equipment and fasteners with a single order.

One of the most important fasteners for commercial and industrial installations are tamper-proof screws and anchors. Used most often in public bathroom stall installations, the heads of a tamper proof screws are custom shaped so that both installation and removal require specifically manufactured tools.

Tamper proof screws originally appeared in the marketplace as a modified slotted screw. The head of the screw was shaped so that it could be turned into place, but it could not be removed. Removing these fasteners required a vice grip style locking pliers that would grip the screw head by clamping onto the outer edge.  These fasteners could only be used once, because removing them from the wall usually destroyed the fastener’s appearance.

Today, with the wide acceptance of Torx style fasteners, tamper proof fasteners have been redesigned. Torx head tamper resistant screws are made with a modified Torx style head. The screw can be installed, removed and reused when the installer has the correct tip for his cordless drill.

Another highly useful and disposable tool for commercial install and repair contractors are grinding wheels.  These round abrasive wheels attach to drills and grinding tools are indispensable in many settings.  Grinding wheels are used to clean off debris or rust scale from parts, or cut fasteners which are sealed in place by rust. In a commercial setting, plumbers, masons, framing contractors, steel workers and repair persons regularly rely on these tools.

Just like a drill bit or wood saw blade, the friction that the wheel creates during use slowly wears away at the abrasive characteristics, and the physical size of the tool As a result, these tools are disposable. In a heavy use setting, a contractor can wear out two or three grinding wheels in a week.

So when you are looking for a supplier for industrial tools and fasteners, make sure you select a supplier that can ship the right part the first time, and on time. You will want to find a partner that can provide a wide selection of parts, grinding wheels, and the tools which go with them. Another advantage for the installer is finding a partner company that can provide all your specialty fasteners and tools from one location. Maintaining an efficient and profitable shop is much simpler when you can go to one supplier and order all your regular shop supplies. Picking a partner who will ship quickly, reliably can help your shop run smoothly, which creates satisfied customers, and a growing business.