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Champion Impact Ready Industrial Cutting Tools

Are You Ready for Impact

With power tools changing, your cutting tools need to change with them. Luckily Champion Cutting Tools hex shank tools are ready for impact. Innovation doesn’t have to be ground breaking, it just has to be problem solving.

Problem Solved with Champion Hex Shank Tools

Drill, Enlarge, Countersink & Tap all without switching your impact driver. Choose Champion hex shank tools for convenience, productivity & quality. Engineered for all your electrical, mechanical, construction & maintenance needs.

This Lineup is Making an ImpactHEX28-Drills

HEX28 Hex Shank Drills

Available at – Shop Now

  • Superior Performance to Standard Hex Shank Drills on the Market
  • 135 Degree Self-Centering Split Point
  • Self Centering for Quick Penetration & Accurate Drilling Every Time
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • High-Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Drill Will Not Come Out of Shank
  • Shorter, Mechanics Length Design Provides Increased Rigidity for Enhanced Operator Control
  • Engineered for use in impact drivers and cordless drills with hex shank capacityCT3

CT3 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters

Available at – Shop Now

  • Cut up to 150 holes with each cutter in Stainless Steel
  • 1/4″ hex shank for use in QCD (Quick Change Driver)
  • Three special tungsten carbide teeth
  • One piece construction
  • Ejector spring (standard)
  • Safety collar stop
  • Perfect for use in battery powered drills
  • Engineered for cutting thin materials up to 1/8″ with fast clean cuts every time

3 Piece Hex Shank Step Drill Set – MSD-HEX-SET3MSD-HEX

Available at – Shop Now

  • Titanium Nitride Coated for extended life and increased performance
  • Cuts steel plate, stainless steel, sheet metal and tubing
  • 1/4” Hex shank for use in QCD (quick change driver)
  • Self starting, split-point bites right in, reduces walking
  • Step size laser marked onto tool
  • 2 flute design provides balanced, symmetrical and faster, cleaner holes
  • Great in cordless impact drivers
  • Perfect for use in battery powered drills because they cut quickly with low power consumption
  • 65% more holes than the nearest competitorCSK-SH-SET

Hex Shank Countersink Set – CSK-SH-SET

Available at – Shop Now

  • 82º Weldon Style
  • Chatterless Finish
  • Single Cutting Edge
  • For Fast Stock Removal
  • Impact Ready 1/4″ Hex Shank
  • Ideal for use in portable applications and materials, including metal, plastic, wood & aluminum
  • Perfect for the glass and window design industry, storefront & door frame installation

Hex Shank Tap & Drill Combo Set – DT22HEXDT22HEX-Set

Available at – Shop Now

  • Industrial quality, hex shank, 135º split point combination drill & taps are great for maintenance, electrical work, construction, and more
  • Create holes and tap in a single operation
  • Hex Shank is ideal for use in impact drivers and cordless drills

Learn What Makes Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups the Go-To Tool

A Staple in the Glass Industry for Over 50 Years

Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups were designed specifically for glass handling and have been the go-to tool of the glass industry and glaziers around the world. These pump style vacuum cups, allow the user to “put a handle” where they need it, when they need it on: flat glass, curved/bent glass, auto glass, pattern glass, stone or any nonporous material. Unlike regular suction cups, Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups have the ability to create a more reliable hold. They also have the ability to be used on glasses of almost any thickness with little risk of damage, due to the full face of the vacuum pad creating contact with the glass. The release of the material being handled is quick and easy, with no “after-stick” or residue left behind.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups Available at TannerN4950

Wood’s Powr-Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle

  • Tanner Item ID: WPG N4950 (Buy Now on Tanner)
  • Pad Diameter: 8″ (20 cm)
  • Load Capacity: 125 lbs (57 kg)
  • Surface Texture: Smooth
  • Material Porosity: Nonporous
  • Allowable Surface Curvature: Flat
  • Fast attach and release
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss
  • Supplied with protective carrying case

Wood’s Powr-Grip 10″ Concave Vacuum Cup with Metal Handlen6450

  • Tanner Item ID: WPG N6450 (Buy Now on Tanner)
  • Pad Diameter: 10″ (25 cm)
  • Load Capacity: 175 lbs (79 kg)
  • Surface Texture: Smooth
  • Material Porosity: Nonporous
  • Allowable Surface Curvature: Curved
  • Minimum Radius for Curved Loads: 13″ (330 mm)
  • Minimum Material Thickness: 1/4″ (6.35 mm)
  • Also attaches to flat surfaces, requires more pumping than hand cups for flat surfaces
  • Durable metal handle
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss
  • Comes with protective carrying case

Wood’s Powr-Grip 10″ Concave Vacuum Cup with ABS HandleN6000

  • Tanner Item ID: WPG N6000 (Buy Now on Tanner)
  • Pad Diameter: 10″ (25 cm)
  • Load Capacity: 175 lbs (79 kg)
  • Surface Texture: Smooth
  • Material Porosity: Nonporous
  • Allowable Surface Curvature: Curved
  • Minimum Radius for Curved Loads: 13″ (330 mm)
  • Minimum Material Thickness: 1/4″ (6.35 mm)
  • Fast attach and release
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss
  • Supplied with protective carrying case

Cold Weather Restrictions for Vacuum Hand Cups

  • Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups are not designed for use at temperatures below 10° F or above 120° F (-12 & 49° C).
  • The use of Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups at temperatures below 10° F is not recommended.

Learn How to Use Wood’s Powr-Grip Handheld Vacuum Cups

How To Properly Clean Your Wood’s Powr-Grip Vacuum Pads

Protect Your Hands From Cuts & the Cold with Radians RWG604

With winter weather in full effect, having a warm pair of gloves is a must for all workers who are subjected to the cold weather throughout the day. Gloves that protect you from the cold may be suitable in some situations, but for most workers, they need additional protection from cuts, abrasions, punctures, blunt force impacts and pinching hazards. Due to this need, Radians has developed the RWG604 – Impact Resistant & Cut Protection Winter Gloves. The perfect choice of glove for workers in the oil & gas, material handling & construction industries who work in cold environments.

Radians RWG604 Impact Resistant & Cut Protection Winter GlovesRWG604-gloves

The RWG604 Impact Resistant & Cut Protection Winter Gloves by Radians have an ANSI Cut rating of A4 and an EN388 cut rating of 5.  They features a 2 ply, 13 gauge blue and white HPPE shell to provide excellent protection from cuts and abrasion, while the 7 gauge acrylic terry liner provides warmth in cold conditions.  The black micro nitrile palm coating provides a strong grip in both wet and dry applications.  The high visibility TPR overlays on the back of the hand provides added impact protection.

  • 2 ply, 13 gauge blue and white High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) provides cut resistance
  • Black micro nitrile palm coating provides protection from abrasion in wet or dry conditions
  • 7 gauge acrylic terry liner provides warmth in cold conditions
  • Seamless cuff design provides a comfortable fit
  • High visibility TPR overlays provide added impact protection. (Patent # 9,241,519)
  • Tested to EN 388 standards for Abrasion Resistance, Blade Cut, Tear, and Puncture ( 4 5 4 4)
  • ANSI Cut Level A4, EN388 Cut Level 5

Available Now at Tanner

Get a pair of Radian’s RWG604 Impact Resistant & Cut Protection Winter Gloves at Tanner Now. Available in (3) sizes: Medium, Large & Extra Large.

Don’t Call Me a Drill Bit – I am the Brute Drill.

Brute Platinum Drills – Heavy Duty Cutting Toolsbrute platinum logo

Champion Cutting Tool Corp. developed the Brute Platinum product line to outperform costly cobalt drill bits. Brute Platinum drills are designed to penetrate faster and have more flexibility, leading to less breakage and a longer tool life. The Brute Platinum product line is the leader in heavy duty metal cutting.

Outperforming the Competition

Brute Platinum drills are engineered for high performance in the toughest materials and environments. Developed from a combination of high quality raw materials, specific geometries and surface treatments; Brute Platinum Drills provide the user with a consistent, predictable and repeatable high performance drilling experience. All Brute drills feature Champion’s exclusive NOMO (Nitride on Margins Only) surface treatment. The combination of all these aspects make Brute Platinum Drills the ultimate workhorse for any metal drilling application.

Featured Brute Platinum Drills at TannerXL5

Heavy Duty XL5 Jobber Drills

Proven to penetrate faster than cobalt drills, the XL5 Jobber Drills feature a precision ground 135° split point that eliminates the need for a pilot hole. The split point also prevents “walking” and has the ability to bite right into #300 & #400 series stainless steel.

  • Users state lower fatigue levels, less force is required to drill
  • Less breakage due to unique “toughness: hardness” ratio
  • Ability to flex when cobalt drills chip or snap
  • Straight Shank
  • Heavy Duty
  • High Speed Steel with Black & Bright Finish & NOMO® Surface TreatmentXL28
  • 135° Split Point

XL28 Mechanics Length Drills

  • Heavy duty 135° split point for self-centering and quick penetration
  • Three flatted shank designed to ensure positive grip in keyless drill chucks
  • High Speed Steel with NOMO® Surface Treatment
  • Strong, rigid overall length
  • Heavy duty web geometry provides added rigidity

Not Just Drills – The Full Brute Platinum Product RangeBrute Platinum Product Range

In the addition of Twist Drills, the Brute Platinum product line also includes a number of other popular metal cutting tools.

Brute Platinum Drills in Action

United Abrasives Flap Discs, the Professional’s Choice

Selecting the Correct Flap Disc Makes All the Differenceflap-disc-group1

Flap Discs are one of the most versatile abrasives on the market today. With the ability to grind, blend and finish all in 1 step, flap discs can greatly increase work productivity and reduce overall cost. To get the most out of your money and the best end product available, selecting the correct high quality flap disc makes all the difference.

In our last blog post, “Understanding & Choosing the Right Flap Disc“, we talked about what components make up a flap disc and gave you a better understanding of the options available for each of these components. Read on to learn why United Abrasives Flap Discs stand above the competition and should be your only choice when selecting a new flap disc.

United Abrasives Flap Discs are Simply Made Better

Specially Designed Backing Plates

United Abrasives Flap Discs are designed with custom engineered fiberglass and plastic backing plates. These specially made backing plates are designed to add extra strength and safety.flap-disc-group2

  • United Abrasives uses more fiberglass in their backing vs. many competitors, making the flap discs among the safest on the market
  • United Abrasives has a specially designed plastic backing made of soft ABS Plastic, designed to be trimmed to expose more abrasives material
  • United Abrasives also features a hard plastic backing designed for high strength and rigidity, promoting ease of use and long-life

Advanced Adhesive System

United Abrasives has developed a specially formulated adhesive system that is designed to effectively secure the abrasive flaps to the backing. This special adhesive system, maximizes performance and safety.

Specialized Coated Material

United Abrasives has developed a specifically designed coated material, manufactured on state-of-the-art production equipment, for all of their flap discs. U.A. chooses from a variety of materials to create a flap disc for each application.

Unique Flap DesignMore-Larger-Flaps

United Abrasives flap discs yield a greater performance and product life when compared to competitor flap discs. This is due to the fact that U.A. flap discs have more and larger flaps than the competition, leading to better performance and a longer abrasive life.

Extensive Quality Control

Throughout the process of production, United Abrasives goes through a number of extensive quality control procedures. This ensures maximum safety and performance for each flap disc U.A. manufactures.

Shop United Abrasives Flap Discs at Tanner

Tanner carries the full line of United Abrasives Flap Discs, ready to order online today! Along with flap discs, Tanner also carries a vast selection of other U.A. products including: grinding wheels, cutting wheels, fiber discs, non-woven abrasives and much more – Shop now at

Watch United Abrasives Flap Discs in Action


OLFA Revolutionizing the Way You Cut Materials

OLFA – To Break a Blade

OLFA Invented the First Snap-Off Blade & Rotary Cutters

In 1956 OLFA invented the world’s first Snap-Off Blade Cutter and 23 years later the world’s first rotary cutter. Innovating and perfecting the way you safely cut materials has been OLFA’s goal ever since 1956. OLFA’s expansive line of knives and hand cutters have been the choice of professionals for years across numerous industries.

The Snap-Off Blade Cutter was designed to be an economical, yet safe and efficient way to provide users with a knife that would always allow them to have a sharp blade to work with. This breakthrough revolutionized the way people cut materials and in turn, greatly improved the work efficiency at the same time. OLFA’s angle and length of their Snap-Off Blades eventually became so popular and efficient, they soon were the world’s standards. Today, Snap-Off Blade Cutters are used worldwide.

OLFA Cutting Tool Offerings Added to Tanner WebsiteOLFA Products

Tanner is happy to announce we will now be offering OLFA’s wide range of cutting tools at OLFA product we will be adding include:

Shop Our Full Selection of OLFA Products Here

Closer Look at Product Additions

L-5 18mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife

The L-5 18mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife allows you to work with confidence. The L-5 includes a multi-purpose metal pick, perfect for opening paint cans, removing plate covers, cleaning out caulk and much more. This knife can be used for heavy duty applications such as construction, drywall, carpeting, & flooring.

L-5 OLFA Knife

  • 1. Ultra Sharp Black Blade, provides sharper initial cutting performance
  • 2. Stainless Steel Blade Channel, extends the full length of the knife and provides secure blade hold for ultimate cutting performance
  • 3. No Tool Blade Change, easier and quicker blade change
  • 4. Wrap Around Grip, anti-slip rubber grip improves control
  • 5. Handle Design, curved, ergonomic pistol shape
  • 6. Acetone Resistant Handle, chemical resistant in paint & MRO environments

Cut Safely with OLFA Safety Knives

Safety experts can’t get enough of OLFA’s Safety Knives. These knives are the finest quality, self retracting knives available. Designed with special safety features that help prevent injuries, protect merchandise and improve your bottom line. OLFA Safety Knives will provide you with years of performance, reliability and safety. The SK-4 Self-Retracting Safety Knife takes safety to the next level. Learn more about the SK-4 and see it in action below.OLFA SK-4 Knife

  • Self-Retracting Safety Knife
  • Textured, Slip-Resistant Handle
  • Curved Blade Slider
  • Spring Blade that Automatically Retracts
  • For Light to Heavy Duty Cutting

The Latest Innovation from Champion – SB35 SmartBrute

The First Smart, Auto-Feed Magnetic Drill Press

When looking for innovative new cutting tools, look no further than Champion Cutting Tools. Champion’s vast product lines will make your next cutting job easier than ever, with their latest product taking it one step further.

Introducing the SB35 SmartBrute

Smart Consistent Drilling, Hole After Hole After Hole

The SB35 SmartBrute Auto-Feed Magnetic Drill Press features automatic drilling for consistent perfectly drilled holes, every time.  Increase productivity with the automatic power feed technology – eliminating operator error and providing you with longer tool life due to consistent drilling. The SB35 can be used in either automatic or manual mode, providing you the flexibility to suit any job you may encounter. The cycle stop sensor shuts off the motor automatically after the hole is cut to provide an added safety feature protecting the user from potential safety hazards. Optimize performance with RotoBrute Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters & BruteLube Lubricant.SB35 SmartBrute

Advantages that Make the SB35 SmartBrute a Stand Out

  • Smart: Auto Power feed technology for consistent drilling and perfect holes every time
  • Fast: Auto-feed optimizes feed rate for longer tool life and increased productivity
  • Safe: Cycle stop sensor automatically shuts off SB35 when hole is completed
  • Flexible: Can be run in auto-feed mode or manual

SB35 SmartBrute Product Features

  • Weighs: 36 lbs.
  • Magnetic strength 3,370 lbs.
  • Cutter capacity:
    • Auto-feed 1-3/16 diameter cutter x 1-3/4 depth of cut
    • Manual feed 1-3/8 diameter cutter x 2” depth of cut
  • External fluid reservoirSB35 SmartBrute - Side
  • Twist drill capacity 1/2”
  • Single speed motor: 550 RPM

Included with the SB35 SmartBrute

  • SB35-1 Complete set screw arbor
  • Carrying case
  • Safety chain
  • 8mm wrench
  • 2.5mm & 4mm hex keys
  • Safety guard
  • Coolant tank
  • 3/4” arbor

The Champion RotoBrute Magnetic Drill Press System – Featuring the SB35 SmartBrute

Outperforming Standard Hole Saws for More than 10 Years

Champion Cutting Tools – CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters

Cut Faster, Cut Longer, Cut Larger

For more than 10 years, Champion CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter have been outperforming standard bi-metal hole saws. Champion Cutting Tools have revolutionized the way you drill metal with the CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters. Designed for heavy duty applications, these hole cutters are tough enough to cut through stainless steel, yet versatile enough to cut through aluminum.  Get the job done right and cut like the professionals, with Champion CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters.CT7 Features

CT7 Cutting Ability

  • 1″ Cutting Depth
  • 9/16″ – 4-1/2″ Cutting Diameter

CT7 Features that Stand Above the Competition

  • Heat Resistant Teeth
    • Cut Clean Holes
  • Triple Edge Cutting System
    • Cut Smooth Holes
  • Pilot Spring Slug Ejection
    • Cut Accurate Holes

CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters are the tool of choice for the professional electrician, plumber, mechanic and general contractor.  Save time and money, while increasing productivity with the ultimate portable cutting tool. Designed to cut steel plate, iron, aluminum, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, FRP (i.e fiberglass) and plastics up to 1” thick. To maximize cutting performance, use with Brute Lube Wax or Fluid.

Lower Cost Per Hole

Using Champion CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters, instead of standard bi-metal hole saws, will save you money with each hole you drill. But at Tanner we want to help save you even more! Save 5% off your first CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter purchase, as well as 5% off each future online order by registering at as a Tanner Online Shopper.

CT7 Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters in Action



Screw-Bolt+™ – The New Standard for Heavy Duty Screw Anchors

High-Performance Screw Anchors

One of the newer products put out by DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™, is the Screw-Bolt+™, a high-performance Screw Anchors. These screw anchors are one piece and have a finished hex head. Screw-Bolt+™ Anchors are very user friendly, with a simple installation process, easy identification, and are fully removable. They feature a patented thread design that is designed to be used with standard ANSI drill bits, which reduces installation torque and enhances productivity by reducing installation time. The heavy-duty steel threads tap into the drilled hole during installation to provide a keyed engagement and allow for reduced edge and spacing distances.

*NEW PRODUCT UPDATE* – Flat Head Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors

The NEW FlatHhead Screw-Bolt+ Screw Anchors are offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ diameter, with lengths ranging from 2-1/2″ – 5″. Manufactured from carbon steel with a bright zinc plated finish.


Available in 2 finishes…ScrewBolt+ Installation

Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors are Suitable for Installation in..

  • Normal-weight concrete
  • Sand-lightweight concrete
  • Concrete over steel deck
  • Concrete masonry
  • Solid clay brick

Will the Screw-Bolt+™ Be Replacing Any Products?ScrewBolt+

Yes, the Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors will be replacing (2) lines of Powers products: Wedge-Bolt® Screw Anchors and Wedge-Bolt+® Screw Anchors. There is still a limited amount of stock available for the (2) product lines, but once the stock is depleted there will be no more made. In regards to the 316 Stainless Steel Wedge-Bolt™, this product has transitioned to the DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™ brand and will continue to be manufactured.

Key Features & Benefits of the Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors

  • Designed for standard ANSI tolerance drill bitsScrewBolt+ Head Marking
  • Patented thread design offers low installation torque
  • Tough threads for tapping high strength concrete
  • Ratchet teeth on underside of hex washer head lock against the fixture
  • Can be installed closer to the edge than traditional expansion anchors
  • Fully removable and reinstallable in same hole
  • Fast installation with powered impact wrench
  • Diameter, length and identifying marking stamped on head of each anchor
  • One-piece, finished head design

Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchor Approvals & Listings

  • International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-3889 for concrete. Code compliant with 2015 IBC, 2015 IRC, 2012 IBC, 2012 IRC, 2009 IBC, and 2009 IRC
  • Tested in accordance with ACI 355.2 and ICC-ES AC193 for use in structural applications in concrete under the design provisions of ACI 318 (Strength Design Method)
  • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for recognition in cracked and uncracked concrete including seismic and wind loading (Category 1 anchors)
  • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for reliability against brittle failure, e.g. hydrogen embrittlement

ScrewBolt+ Approvals Listings

Screw-Bolt+™ – User Approved, Performance Guaranteed

The Best Bi-Metal Hole Saws on the Market Today

M.K. Morse New, Innovative Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Improve Your Cutting Performance with American Made Hole Saws

M.K. Morse has just come out with the latest and greatest bi-metal hole saws on the market today. M.K. Morse Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saws will replace all of the old  M.K. Morse hole saws with 1 simple, innovative powerhouse. An American original, just got better.dep_img_MK_Advanced_Bi-Metal

  • PATENT PENDING TOOTH SET DESIGN – Optimized to Remove Material Faster
  • NEW CAP – Reduces Runout and Vibration
  • CUTTING DEPTH – 1-15/16″ (49,2 mm)
  • HEAVY DUTY .050 SIDE WALL – For Greater Stability
  • NEW SIDE SLOT – Increased Leverage for Faster, Easier Slug Removal
  • NEW EXTERIOR RED COATING – Reduces Side Wall Friction for Efficient Cutting

More Customer Friendly Line of Hole Saws

MK Morse Customer Friendly LineM.K. Morse just made selecting the proper hole saw for your job easier than ever.  In the past M.K. Morse offered 5 different lines of hole saws, each with their own unique features and benefits. BUT to make things easier for their customers they combined the features and benefits of the 5 lines of bi-metal hole saws into 1 powerhouse Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saw Line. In addition to simplifying the hole saw selection, M.K. Morse also simplified the arbor selection, cutting 11 different arbors down to 5.

M.K. Morse Bi-Metal Hole Saws Included in this New Transition

  • The Real McCoy® (Standard & Deep Cut)
  • Master Cobalt® (Standard & Deep Cut)
  • Advanced Edge® Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Shop Now For M.K. Morse Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Tanner is proud to offer the full line of M.K. Morse Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saws. Please use the links below to quickly and easily shop for these new innovative hole saws and arbors.

These Number Don’t Lie

To show the true power of the New Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saw from M.K. Morse, they were put to the test against 5 different competitors to see which line of hole saws cut faster in 3 different materials: 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel, 1/2″ OSB Wood & 1/4″ Mild Steel Plate. The Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saws out performed the competition in each of the 3 materials tested.dep_bnr_MK_Advanced_Bi-Metal

  • 39% Faster in 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • 10% Faster in 1/2″ OSB Wood
  • 12% Faster in 1/4″ Mild Steel Plate

M.K. Morse Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saws in Action

Tanner Introduces FLEXVOLT™ – The Battery that Will Change How You Work Forever

Worlds First Battery that Automatically Changes Voltages when You Change Tools

Tanner & DEWALT Bring You Next Level Power with FLEXVOLT™

DEWALT has revolutionized the modern battery to bring you the FLEXVOLT™ battery system. The revolutionary FLEXVOLT™ battery system brings you the future of power with cordless tools unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. With a highly innovative voltage-changing battery and a lineup of groundbreaking 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools to match, FLEXVOLT™ tools have the power that will change the way work gets done. FLEXVOLT™ gives you the power of corded with the freedom of cordless. The full line of FLEXVOLT™ batteries and tools will be available soon for pre-order at Tanner, call us at 800-456-2658 for more information.3 Voltage Platforms in 1 Battery

20V & 60V Capabilities in One Battery

The FLEXVOLT™ battery is backwards compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX* tools so you get up to 4x the runtime**. The FLEXVOLT™ battery is the only battery that automatically changes voltages when you change tools, so you can slide the battery into a whole new lineup of 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools from DEWALT. Support 3 tool platforms all with one battery! Check out Tanner’s list of compatible DEWALT 20V MAX* tools here.

Go From a Corded to a Fully Cordless Jobsite with FLEXVOLT™

Tanner with the help from DEWALT and FLEXVOLT™ want to make working on the jobsite easier and more convenient than ever. The FLEXVOLT™ battery’s ability to automatically change between two voltages gives users a serious advantage when it comes to efficiency. It’s the battery that not only powers, but improves the runtime** of DEWALT 20V MAX* tools, so you don’t have to invest in a whole new system. It’s the battery that brings the power of corded to a new lineup of 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* DEWALT tools so you can finally work on a fully cordless jobsite. This revolutionary battery will change the way things get done. Improve jobsite productivity with your own set of FLEXVOLT™ tools, available for pre-order soon at Tanner, call us at 800-456-2658 for more information.

**With FLEXVOLT™ 60V MAX* battery when used with DEWALT 20V MAX* tools

 DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ Cordless Power Tools & Accessories Offered at Tanner

  • 20V / 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT Battery – 6.0 Amp Hours of Capacity in 20V Max* Tools
    • Battery Chargers
    • Power Stations
  • 60V MAX* Cordless Circular Saw – Up to 339 Cuts Per Charge
    • Circular Saw Blades
  • 60V MAX* Cordless VSR Stud & Joist Drill – Up to 138 Holes Per Charge
    • Hole Saws
  • 60V MAX* Cordless Table Saw – Up to 302 Linear Feet Per Charge
    • Table Saw Blades
  • 60V MAX* Cordless Reciprocating Saw – Up to 158 Cuts Per Charge
    • Reciprocating Saw Blades
  • 60V MAX* Cordless Grinder – Up to 126 Cuts Per Charge
    • Flap Discs
    • Grinding Wheels
  • 120V MAX* Cordless / Corded Miter Saw – Up to 289 Cuts Per Charge
    • Miter Saw Blades
    • 120V Corded Power Supply