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You’re Invited, Please Join Us at the LIC Partnership Trade Show

LIC Partnership Annual B-2-B Trade Show and Luncheon
Wed., Nov. 14, 2012, 9 AM – 2 PM

Over 130 Exhibitors and 3,500 Attendees Expected
There is no charge to walk through the Trade Show.
Come by and visit our exhibit table!

Businesspeople are invited to meet new clients and vendors at the Long Island City Partnership’s Annual Luncheon and Trade Show on Wed., November 14, 2012, at Terrace on the Park in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, from 9 AM – 2 PM. With 130 exhibitors and 3,500 attendees expected, the show is one of Queens’ premier business networking events.


Tanner Celebrates 34 Years

We’re celebrating 34 years! Tanner Bolt & Nut Corp. was founded in 1979 with a vision for providing fastening solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

Now, led by Jeffrey Tannenbaum, it has been transformed from a small bolt & nut distributor operating from a single car garage, to a full service industrial supply house with an emphasis on fasteners, anchoring systems, security products, cutting tools, power tools, and personal protective equipment.

Today, Tanner has two locations to serve its customers, in Brooklyn and Long Island City, and two e-commerce websites:

Tanner was built by establishing relationships with customers and supplying quality products with fast, reliable service.

As of January 2012, to reflect its broader range of product offerings, the company is now known as Tanner Fasteners & Industrial Supplies.

Tanner Bolt’s New Location!

Tanner Bolt would like to welcome you to their new Long Island City location at 48-18 Van Dam St, a block and a half from the Long Island Expressway and just minutes from the Midtown Tunnel and Queensboro Bridge. Come visit, meet the staff, and check out our new product offerings at our new location!

Are Your Workers at Risk? SolarPro on Fall Safety

Karl Riedlinger has written an excellent article in SolarPro Magazine. It’s a great read if you want to become familiar with the requirements of fall protection standards for photovoltaic (PV) installations.  Kindly, SolarPro has granted Tanner permission to reprint the article here for the benefit of our readers.

Fall Safety at Solar Job Site from SolarPro

“According to preliminary data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 635 workplace fatalities from falls occurred in 2010, down from a high of 847 in 2007. Of all the industries tracked, construction had the highest number of total fatalities in 2010— and 260 of the 751 construction fatalities recorded last year were the result of falls.

While these statistics are sobering, they tell only part of the story. The majority of workplace accidents are not fatal, but instead cause injuries resulting in lost worker income, lost company revenue, increased insurance rates and potentially lifelong health problems for injured workers. Understanding the hazards present on the job-site and addressing them through proper training, planning and safe work practices is in the best interests of both employers and employees.”

Read the full article on Fall Saftey Systems (PDF Download)

Bienvenidos a la Nueva Ubicación de Tanner en Long Island City

Bienvenidos a nuestra nueva ubicación de Tanner Industrial Supply a 48-18 Van Dam Street Long Island City, New York. Esta nueva ubicación es muy conveniente para todos los clientes que trabajan en todo el área metro. Estamos cerca del Túnel Midtown y el Puente Queensboro.

En Tanner, tenemos todo tipo de material para todos los constructores de construcción, incluyendo herramientas, maquinas para cortar cemento o cualquier tipo de metal, equipo de seguridad, y todo tipo de tornillos, por ejemplo, estructurales, acero inoxidable y tornillos de anclaje. También tenemos un selección de maquinas manual.

Estamos abierto de lunes a viernes desde 6:30 AM hasta 4:00 PM. Usted puede visitarnos por la Internet a o mándanos un mensaje por correo electrónico a También, si tiene alguna pregunta, puede llamarnos: (718) 786-2050 o (718) 434-4500. Nuestro número de fax: (718) 228-7297.

How to Read a Grinding Wheel Label

Below is an example of a label that is found on United Abrasive grinding wheels with all pertinent information a user needs to operate the wheel.

Section A:

  • “A24R-BF”
  • This is the marking system used to identify wheel type.
  • “A” – primary grain used to make the wheel, A= Aluminum Oxide
  • “24” – size of the abrasive grain
  • “R”- hardness of the bond, R is medium
  • “BF”- type of bond used, BF is Resinoid Reinforced

Section B:

  • “General Purpose Grinding On All Ferrous Metal”
  • This is a general description of the wheel.

Section C:

  • “4-1/2 x 1/4”
  • This is simply the size of the wheel in inches.
  • “4-1/2” is the diameter
  • “1/4” is the thickness of the grinding wheel.

Section D:

  • Type 27- wheel configuration
  • 7/8 – arbor size
  • #20063- part number

Section E:

  • Grind- short application description

Section F:

  • Each wheel will display a tool icon for easy selection

Section G:

  • 13,300- Maximum RPM

Bar code and Safety Information is included on every wheel in the lower left hand corner.

Want even more information on grinding wheels and how they work? Check out our article on The DNA of a Grinding Wheel.

Welcome to Tanner’s New Long Island City Location

Visit our new showroom and warehouse located at 48-18 Van Dam Street in Long Island City, New York. This additional location was selected for its convenience. Near both the Midtown Tunnel and Queensboro Bridge, customers pick up supplies only a short distance from Manhattan, often on their way into the city.

Tanner’s Long Island City location stocks the tools and supplies need by contractors at job sites. These include safety equipment, cutting tools, abrasives and a huge inventory of fasteners and anchors (security fasteners, tamper proof screws, and just about any fastener you can think of).

At Tanner, we’re excited about this addition to our facilities. Our headquarters remains at 4302 Glenwood Road in Brooklyn, so we now have two locations to better serve our customers.

We’d love to see you in Long Island City. Please visit us Monday – Friday, 6:30am – 4pm or call 718 786-2050. ¡Hablamos español también!

Which Stainless Steel Anchor Should I Use for Masonry & Concrete?

Tanner offers three different levels of stainless steel anchors for use in concrete and masonry that is subject to corrosive environments.

UltraCon® SS4 is a threaded masonry anchor that offers the same proven performance as UltraCon masonry fasteners with the enhanced feature of 410 stainless steel and Stalgard® protective coating.

In fact, the UltraCon SS4 outperformed Stainless Steel Tapcon® screws in a 1500 hour salt spray test and has higher pull out values. UltraCon SS4 is available in 1/4” diameter in 5/16” diameter Hex Washer Head and #3 Phillips TrimFit Flat Head, from 1-1/4” up to 4” in length. Very easy to use- just drill and drive!

For more demanding applications, such as products utilized for hurricane reinforcement, use Crete-Flex® fasteners which receive a special hardening process during manufacture that maximizes corrosion resistance and ductility. In addition, Crete-Flex fasteners receive the unique Stalgard® coating process for further protection. After 2,400 hours in a salt spray cabinet (per ASTM B117), Crete-Flex fasteners show no signs of red rust.

Easily installed with a commercial-grade hammer drill or rotary hammer and a specially sized Crete-Flex carbide-tipped drill bit.

If your job includes working in an exposed area, such as coastal or wetlands, use Aggre-Gator® Bi-Metal Threaded Anchors. Perfect for installation of aluminum enclosures, hurricane shutters, windows, awnings, thresholds, curtain wall, window, and stone façade support anchors.

Aggre-Gator features a 300 series stainless head and shank with fused and hardened steel tapping threads and a gimlet point, hence “bi-metal” technology. 300 series stainless alloy gives unmatched corrosion protection while the steel tapping threads hold tight in the block and poured concrete. To top it off, coated with silver-colored Stalgard® GB, a Galvanic Barrier to protect aluminum components from accelerated corrosion when in contact with 300 series stainless steel.

Solar Panel Theft is Getting More Attention

A recent article over at focuses on the growing problem of solar panel theft. Solar theft grew by 15% in 2009, and has likely been on the rise ever since. The 15% figure, which the article quotes, is courtesy of SolarInsure, an insurance company specializing the solar industry.

So solar theft is on the rise. What can you do about? The article provides a good run down of options including different types of alarm systems, creating physical barriers, and the use of breakaway bolts, an item we carry at Tanner.

Note, in the article, they refer to breakaway bolts as “tighten-and-break” anti-theft screws. However, the more common term in the industry is breakaway bolts. These are truly tamperproof. Without extraordinary measures, it would be impossible for a thief to remove the bolts, but keep in mind, the same goes for you as the installer or solar panel owner.

Read the full article over at and if you have any questions we can answer, please share them in the comments section below.

The PV Industry Tackles Solar Theft

Hard Facts About Hardening

Professional liability underwriters traditionally have perceived design/build as the most hazardous construction-related professional liability exposure. The combination of design activity, on-site supervisory presence and active participation in the actual construction add up to a high degree of control over an entire construction project. This greatly increases the probability that any problems with the ultimate result will be attributed to the design/builder. Flex Technology allows design/building professionals to manage risk and enhance the performance of critical connections.

When designing structural connections between dissimilar metals, attention must be paid to the galvanic reactions. If hardened-steel parts such as self-drilling screws are used for the connection, hydrogen assisted stress corrosion cracking is also a possibility.

Flex Technology fasteners with corrosion-preventative coating can avoid these dangers and protect the integrity of the structure. In exterior applications or aggressive interior environments, bi-metallic or super alloy fasteners are recommended.

For use in critical and dissimilar metal applications, windows, doors, curtain wall systems and solar panel racking systems to prevent fastener failure, the Flex Technology family of products surpasses any standard fastening format available.

The Flex Technology Product Line

For Metal Applications

Dril-Flex® Structural Drill Screws

Tap-Flex® Structural Tapping Screws

Bi-Flex® 300 Series Stainless Steel Self Drilling Fasteners

For Concrete Applications

Aggre-gator® 300 Series Stainless Anchors

For Aluminum Applications

Alumi-Flex™ Stainless Steel Drill Screws

• AllFlex™ Stainless Steel Tapping Screws