Capital Safety SRLs

The First and Still the Best

Capital Safety is well known for being the industry leader in a number of different fall safety equipment categories. This extends to their reliable and versatile lines of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) as well. Capital Safety was the first to develop the Self Retracting Lifeline over 60 years ago. Over the years, Capital Safety’s advancements and innovations have been adopted across the industry. These advancements and innovations include: the Sealed Design, RSQ Dual-Mode Functions, 3-Way Retrieval Models, and the Impact Indicator. Capital Safety SRLs have been proven to be the most durable and reliable lifeline available, even in the harshest environments. When you buy a Capital Safety Self Retracting Lifeline you can have full confidence and trust in your product. Buy your own Capital Safety SRL here at Tanner.

A Best Seller at Tanner!AD111A

The AD111A 11 ft. Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline has proven to be a reliable and economical choice when choosing a Self Retracting Lifeline. The AD111A SRL is currently being phased out and being replaced by the new 3100425. But don’t you worry, Tanner has plenty of the Capital Safety AD111A left in stockShop now for the AD111A, these great Self Retracting Lifeline won’t last long!

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SRL Group 1

Different Styles of Self Retracting Lifelines

All of the following SRLs automatically extend and retract, allowing you to work comfortably within the working area. The lifeline on the SRL will stay taut while you work, reducing drag, snags, trips & falls. In a situation where a fall occurs, a speed-sensing brake will automatically activate, stopping the fall and reducing the forces imposed on the user.

Standard / Traditional SRLs

Standard / Traditional SRLs are anchored from overhead and  are offered in various styles, configurations, and length to suit nearly every job.

Sealed Design SRLs

The Sealed Design SRLs incorporate a patented design concept that seal and protects all dynamic components from foreign elements such as grease, moisture and dirt. When using a Sealed Design SRL you can be confident your SRL will be working in peak condition even in harsh environments.

RSQ™ Dual-Mode SRLs

No other brand can offer the exclusive DBI-SALA® Dual–Mode Descent / Rescue Operation. The RSQ™ feature allows the user to choose their mode of operation, prior to connection. This innovative feature lowers the working cost of owning multiple pieces of rescue equipment. The user may select either fall arrest mode or descent mode providing them with a built-in rescue system.

Emergency 3-Way Retrieval SRLs

Emergency 3-Way Retrieval SRLs are the ideal SRL for confined space rescues. These SRLs are available with or without mounting brackets, allowing them to quickly and easily be attached to a tripod or davit rescue support structure.

Tie-Back SRLs

The Tie-Back SRLs are perfect for situations where there isn’t a qualified anchorage connection available. The Tie-Back SRL acts as both a connecting means and an anchorage connector. To use, the user simply wraps the lifeline around the structure and connects it back to itself, eliminating the need for a separate anchorage device. These SRLs are made with more durable materials and hardware to stand up to the rigors of tie-back use.

Arc Flash SRLs

The perfect SRL for utility, welding, cutting and torching applications. The Arc Flash SRLs use Kevlar® / Nomex® lifelines, which are the ultimate in spark, fire, and electrical resistance.

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Leading Edge SRLs

For applications where there are added abrasion demands, the Leading Edge SRLs are the perfect choice. These SRLs have special design features such as large diameter cable and an in-line shock absorber to handle these tough work scenarios.

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Harness Mounted SRLs

Harness Mounted SRLs directly connect to most harness, they have an extremely compact size, making them virtually unnoticeable on the users back. These SRLs can also be used as a lanyard replacement. Available in Single or Twin Leg styles.

SRL Group 2