Safety Solutions with Tanner

Tanner’s main goal as a Safety Solutions Specialist is to make sure everyone arrives home safe from the job site each and every day. We strive to spread the word on the importance of using the proper personal protection, fall protection & tool drop protection equipment. Safety is a 24/7 job that everyone needs to take part in.

Danger from Above

A dropped wrench may seem innocent enough, but did you know that 8 lbs wrench dropped from 200 ft. could come slamming down to the ground with over 5,000 lbs. of force? If this wrench were to strike you with that amount of force, the resulting injuries could severely hinder your ability to work, if you were lucky enough to survive. While Fall Protection Equipment is for the individual, Tool Drop Equipment is for everyone who works around you.Tool Drop Safety Solutions Guide

Stop the Drop with Tanner

To help Stop The Drop, Tanner has developed a Tool Drop Safety Solutions Guide to help you properly equip your tools with drop protection products. This easy to use guide will be your number one source for quick tool drop solutions.

  • Browse through the most popular tools and equipment used on the job site
  • Find the correct Tool Drop Attachment Point(s) for the tool(s) you are using
  • The detailed Tool Drop Solutions will help you correctly connect the attachment point(s) to your tool(s)
  • Once attached, your tool is now “Tether-Ready”
  • Take your Tether-Ready tool and connect it to an Anchorage Point
  • You are now ready to safely use your tool(s) at heights

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Tool Drop Prevention Systems

Tool Drop Prevention Systems are similar to personal fall arrest systems and include the same types of components. Tool Drop Prevention systems should include: Tool Attachment Points, Connector, Anchorages & Buckets/Bags.

Tool Drop Attachment Points

Tool Drop Attachment Points are similar to a worker’s safety harness, they must be a secure point on the tool that is load-rated for at least the total weight of the ToolDropAttachmentPointstool. Once your tool has an attachment point, it is now considered “tether-ready”.

  • Quick Spin & Quick Rings
  • D-ring Cord
  • D-ring & Quick-Wrap Tape
  • Tool Cinch Attachments

Tool Drop Connectors

Tool Drop Connectors are similar to lanyards or SRLs for personnel. The main function of tool drop connectors is to ensure the toolToolDropConnectors remains securely attached to an anchorage point in the event the tool is dropped.

  • Lanyards
  • Tethers
  • Hard Hat Tethers
  • Retractors

Tool Drop Anchorage Points

Tool Drop Anchorage Points can take many forms due to the wide variety of sizes & weights of commonly used tools & equipment. ToolDropAnchoragePointsThere are two main types of anchorage points for tools: Off the Body, for tools over 5 lbs. & On the Body, for tools under 5 lbs.

  • Tool Belts
  • Belt Loops
  • Holsters
  • Wristbands

Tool Drop Buckets & Bags

Tool Drop Buckets & Bags are designed specifically for drop prevention. Engineered with built in closure systems that help prevent ToolDropBucketsBagsdropped tools & objects.

  • Spill Control Buckets
  • Long Safe Buckets
  • Small Parts Pouches
  • Tool Drop Pouches