Tanner Partners with its Largest Suppliers to Improve Nationwide Distribution

Having the ability to provide our customers with high-quality fasteners & anchors at competitive pricing is only part of our goal. The second part of our goal is to be able to get you your fasteners & anchors faster than ever. This is why we have partnered with some of our largest suppliers to improve our shipping speeds.

Strength in Numbers

Partnering with our largest supplies has allowed us to often get you your order faster than ever! Due to these partnerships, we can often, in some cases, get you your products referencing a 3-5 day turnaround, just as fast as in-stock products.

Looking at Product with a 3-5 Day Turn Around?

Worried you won’t get your products in time? Have no fear, we are here to help and can be reached via chat or by phone. Please feel free to open a chat (icon lower right) or call 1-877-810-1514 to discuss product availability utilizing our nationwide supplier network.

Product Distribution Centers by Product