The First Smart, Auto-Feed Magnetic Drill Press

When looking for innovative new cutting tools, look no further than Champion Cutting Tools. Champion’s vast product lines will make your next cutting job easier than ever, with their latest product taking it one step further.

Introducing the SB35 SmartBrute

Smart Consistent Drilling, Hole After Hole After Hole

The SB35 SmartBrute Auto-Feed Magnetic Drill Press features automatic drilling for consistent perfectly drilled holes, every time.  Increase productivity with the automatic power feed technology – eliminating operator error and providing you with longer tool life due to consistent drilling. The SB35 can be used in either automatic or manual mode, providing you the flexibility to suit any job you may encounter. The cycle stop sensor shuts off the motor automatically after the hole is cut to provide an added safety feature protecting the user from potential safety hazards. Optimize performance with RotoBrute Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters & BruteLube Lubricant.SB35 SmartBrute

Advantages that Make the SB35 SmartBrute a Stand Out

  • Smart: Auto Power feed technology for consistent drilling and perfect holes every time
  • Fast: Auto-feed optimizes feed rate for longer tool life and increased productivity
  • Safe: Cycle stop sensor automatically shuts off SB35 when hole is completed
  • Flexible: Can be run in auto-feed mode or manual

SB35 SmartBrute Product Features

  • Weighs: 36 lbs.
  • Magnetic strength 3,370 lbs.
  • Cutter capacity:
    • Auto-feed 1-3/16 diameter cutter x 1-3/4 depth of cut
    • Manual feed 1-3/8 diameter cutter x 2” depth of cut
  • External fluid reservoirSB35 SmartBrute - Side
  • Twist drill capacity 1/2”
  • Single speed motor: 550 RPM

Included with the SB35 SmartBrute

  • SB35-1 Complete set screw arbor
  • Carrying case
  • Safety chain
  • 8mm wrench
  • 2.5mm & 4mm hex keys
  • Safety guard
  • Coolant tank
  • 3/4” arbor

The Champion RotoBrute Magnetic Drill Press System – Featuring the SB35 SmartBrute