Protecta Rebel AD111A SRL

Protecta Rebel AD111A SRL


When you’re walking on an I-beam 100 feet in the air and one misstep could end in tragedy, there is only one name that one can trust, Capital Safety. They have set the standards for the ultimate in fall protection and with their new Protect Rebel AD111A SRL ( Self Retracting Lifeline ) they’ve managed to improve on their already flawless products.

With it’s self locking snap hook, you can feel safe that you have a constant, locked connection at all times. Should that slip actually occur, the Rebel AD111A has a unique speed sensing brake that will slow and stop the fall within inches keeping unwanted harmful forces to a minimum.


The Rebel AD111A is made with a housing of rugged aluminum all with stainless steel working components, allowing it to take a beating while always working up to it’s high standards. It’s strong, durable construction boasts a supporting capacity of 310 lbs and a maximum arresting force of 900 lbs. The 11 ft. super-strength thin webbing retracts compactly back into the housing reducing fall clearance and trip hazards.  


The Rebel AD111A is made for comfort and ease of use, it will increase worker productivity and reduce worker fatigue.


 With its competitive pricing, employers can add safety to their workplace by replacing lanyards out with Rebel AD111A SRLs. Each SRL comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and workmanship, plus no annual recertification is required. They meet all applicable standards including OSHA, ANSI Z359.1 and CSA. Come check out the Rebel AD111A SRL and the rest of our line of Protecta Rebel Self Retracting Lifelines here.