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Tanner has been providing customers with the assistance, guidance & products necessary to secure their valuable assets and property for the past 30 years. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and require high quality tamper-resistant fasteners, sealants and anchoring systems.

With years of product knowledge and experience, Tanner is always ready to take on the next security challenge that our customers present us. Here at Tanner our main goal is to leave our customers satisfied with the end result and we are more than confident we can solve all your security product needs.


We encourage you to reach out to our security specialist – Gil – to discuss any security applications or projects you may have.


Cell: 646-302-0499 or Email: dgil@tannerbolt.com


Problem Solving with Tanner

Bike Problem Solution

A Bike Sharing Company was having an issue with people tampering with exposed components on both their public bike racks & bikes.

This was costing them time and money due to the extra work, repairs, down time and staff resources.



Tanner was able to develop various levels of tamper-resistant drives to prevent this unwanted tampering.

This solution utilized both existing & custom security drives.




OEM of Bicycle Docking Stations wanted to prevent internal components from loosing and causing parts & systems to fail.

Additional resources, replacement of hardware & elements was becoming too costly & time consuming to absorb.




Tanner was able to come up with a specialized fastener that featured an adhesive that was added to the threads of the fastener to prevent loosening.

This virtually eliminated missing, failing components & equipment downtime.


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