Protect Your Facilities from the Spread of Fire, Smoke & Noxious Gases

In the occurrence of a fire or exposure of toxic gases, having your facility properly equipped with Firestop / Barrier Product will help prevent catastrophic damages and even could mean the difference between life and death. Let Tanner help you prepare and make sure you facility is ready for any hazardous situation involving fire and/or gasses. Tanner carries a wide variety of Firestop / Barrier products including products for construction joints, protective wrap systems and through penetration applications. Read on for a quick overview of the Firestop / Barrier products that we have to offer online, for the full selection of our products please check out our Firestop / Barrier Products Department.

Fire Barrier Duct WrapDuct Wrap

Thin, lightweight and flexible. Fire Barrier Duct Wrap provides excellent insulating capabilities and offers a space saving alternative to bulky fire protection methods. Commonly used in commercial kitchen grease ducts and ventilation ducts. May be installed with multiple layers if necessary. Shop for Fire Barrier Duct Wrap Now

Fire SealantsFire Barrier Sealants

Fire Barrier Sealants are offered in a number of different styles for a wide variety of applications. When they are properly installed, these sealants will help control the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases before, during and after exposure to a fire. Shop for Fire Barrier Sealants Now

Fire Barrier PillowsFire Pillows

Fire Barrier Pillows are a self contained, intumescent firestop product designed for use in through penetration applications. Fire barrier pillows are re-enterable and re-usable for new or retrofit installations. Available in multiple sizes and can be cut to achieve precise fill and compression. Shop for Fire Barrier Pillows Now

Fire PuttyFire Barrier Putty

Firestop Putty is a moldable one-part firestop material used in various fire rated assemblies, such as electrical box protection. Designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases. This putty helps provide draft and cold smoke seal, while reducing noise transfer. Shop for Fire Barrier Putty Now

Firestop Foams & SpraysFirestop Spray

Firestop Foams & Sprays are dispensable firestop products that are designed to protect against fire, smoke, noxious gases and sound. Firestop foam is designed to expand up to 5 times in volume and fill in the annular space created by pipes and cables penetrating through fire rated construction. Firestop spray dries to form a tough, elastomeric coating able to withstand compression / extension tested up to +/- 50% of nominal joint width without cracking. Shop for Firestop Foams & Sprays Now

Firestop Wrap StripsFirestop Wrap Strips

Firestop Wrap Strips are intumescent wrap strips that are primarily designed for use in top side firestop installations. These strips help to eliminate the need for retaining collars, concrete screws, etc. – saving time and labor. They are flexible to be able to wrap around pipes to fill tough areas and gaps. Shop for Firestop Wrap Strips Now

Fire Barrier Composite SheetsComposite Sheets

Fire Barrier Composite Sheets are a lightweight intumescent firestop that combines multiple components into a single system designed to help slow the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases. These sheets combine 28 gauge steel, intumescent material, wire mesh and aluminum foil. Easy to handle and install with common trade tools. Shop for Fire Barrier Composite Sheets Now

Fire Water TapeFire & Water Barrier / Smoke & Sound Tape

Fire & Water Barrier / Smoke & Sound Tape are the only products on the market that use patent pending 3M technology to provide instant fire, water, smoke and sound protection in a convenient tape. These tapes work on a wide variety of construction joint including: top-of-wall, wall-to-wall, perimeter joints and through penetration. With a quick and easy installation process, these tapes will save you valuable time and money. Shop for Fire & Water Barrier / Smoke & Sound Tape Now