The SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System, by Stanley Proto®, is a complete tool drop prevention system comprised of switches, docks, lanyards, and carabiners. The goal of the SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System is to make tool control as easy and complete as possible, while eliminating interference to proper tool function. The SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System is the perfect solution for working in areas requiring foreign material exclusion (FME) or anywhere simple accidents can become a costly mistakes.

The Heart of the SkyHook™ System is the SkyHook™ and the SkyDock™

The SkyHook™ is a switch connector that tethers to tools with a screw-gate carabiner at the end of a short lanyard.

The SkyDock™ is an attachment point that securely anchors the SkyHook™ to a wrist strap, belt, pouch, or apron.

Proto® SkyHook™ & SkyDock™

Building on Existing Carabiner Technology 

Maintain Positive Control during tool transfers. The safety mechanism inside the innovative SkyHook™ keeps the tool completely secure at every point during the transfer.

Gain Freedom of Motion to use tools correctly with a SkyDock™ attached to the wrist. The short lanyard is light, tight, and less likely to get caught on nearby equipment or snags compared to traditional lanyards.

Get Accountability through positive control. A tool attached to a SkyDock™ is either attached to a wrist, a belt, a tool apron or a co-worker. At all points, tools attached to SkyDock™ can be accounted for and no tool is left behind.

Beyond SkyHook – Proto Tether-Ready Tools. Safety First. No Exceptions

Featuring Proto TorquePlus Sockets

Proto® Tethered Tool Systems have been designed to keep workers protected from the dangers & costs of unsecured tools while on the job site. Proto® specializes in tethering solutions to keep every job site safe. Check back in next week to learn more about the wide variety of tether-ready tools Proto® has to offer, including the innovative TorquePlus sockets featuring two distinct features that we will expand on…

  • Improved Grip with TORQUEPLUS(tm) technology.
  • Sockets feature a Positive Control System that requires a separate tool to attach or remove the socket.

TorquePlus Fastening System