Tanner Bolt & Nut Corp. features seven types of security fasteners with unique drive configurations, each available in different head styles and materials. Security fasteners are cap screws, machine screws, self-drilling screws, concrete screws, sheet metal screws, nuts, or bolts manufactured with a tamper-proof or tamper-resistant drive or head style. Installation tools are available.

The theory behind tamper-resistant fasteners is to make a fastener whose loosening requires a tool that a tamperer is unlikely to have on hand at the time of opportunity for tampering. There is no expectation that it will be impossible for a tamperer to obtain the driver. Rather, the main idea is simply that most tamperers will not bother to seek out and obtain a driver. In the cases of vandalism prevention and theft prevention, since most vandalism and theft incidents are simply crimes of easy opportunity, the idea is to “raise the bar” and make the opportunity less convenient.


A tamper-proof fastener takes the theory one notch further. Some tamper-proof screws require a tool that is proprietary and can only be obtained with the purchaser submitting documentation as to its intended use. Others can be installed with standard wrenches, but when tightened to a specific torque head shears off, leaving a conical, round, or flat head design that completely protects your property.

Torx Tamper-Resistant

Torx®/6-Lobe  Tamper-Resistant Screws are tamper-resistant screws that incorporate a solid post formed in the center of the recess during the heading process.


The fasteners are extremely difficult to remove without a special tamper-resistant tool. Torx®/6-Lobe  Tamper-Resistant screws have been used extensively to prevent unauthorized removal in correctional institutions, hospitals, elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, public places, and retail stores.


Torx®/6-Lobe  Tamper-Resistant Cap Screws are manufactured from either heat-treated alloy steel with zinc plating or 18.8 stainless steel. Sheet Metal Screws are case-hardened with a zinc finish and are also available in 18.8 stainless steel. Self-Drilling Screws are case-hardened with zinc plating and are also available in 410 stainless steel.

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Torx Plus Tamper-Resistant

Torx Plus® Tamper Proof Screws offer restricted access in the field along with the assembly benefits of the Torx Plus® Drive.

The five-lobe design with a solid post in the center of the recess provides increased resistance to tampering. Limited access to the installation tools maintains the integrity of the system.


Cap Screws are available in flat and button head, SAE 4037 alloy steel with a black finish, and 302 stainless steel. Sheet Metal Screws are offered in flat and button head, case hardened, black steel, and 302 stainless steel.


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Torx Tamper-Resistant UltraCon


Torx® Tamper-Resistant UltraCon® Concrete Screws are the optimal fastening solution for use in concrete, brick, or hollow block.


This unique screw combines the security feature of a Torx® tamper-resistant drive with the superior quality and easy installation of an UltraCon® concrete screw.


The special Hi-Lo thread literally taps threads into masonry materials. The high, sharp thread with its notched cutting edge cuts deeply and easily. The alternating low thread provides stability for fast, accurate driving. The screws are coated with Stalgard® finish to provide superior corrosion resistance.


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Trident™ Tamper-Resistant Screws offer a unique head design that makes removal extremely difficult.

The Trident head is conical shaped with three notches around the perimeter. These machine screws and sheet metal screws are available in case hardened steel and are zinc plated.


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Trident Nut

The Tanner Trident™ Nut is a tamper-resistant internally threaded fastening device featuring a conical design that prevents unauthorized removal.

Trident™ Tamper-Resistant Nuts are suitable for providing tamper-resistant fastening for a wide range of products using bolts, screws, or concrete and masonry anchoring devices. Tanner Trident Nuts have been used extensively in correctional institutions, hospitals, universities, public places, and retail stores to secure a variety of products, including inmate furniture, scaffolding, electrical and electronic equipment, computers and related equipment, traffic signs, park benches, outdoor play equipment, and consumer product displays.


The nut has three indented slots for installation and removal with the proper tool. They are manufactured from ZAMAK 5 zinc alloy.


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Break-Away Tamper-Proof Bolts

Tanner manufactures and distributes round and flat head Break-Away bolts in size range #10-24 through 3/4”. Ideal for high-security applications where removal is not required. The tamper-proof head configuration will ward off the most determined attacks. Break-Away bolts are installed with standard wrenches.


Parts are made-to-order based on customer specifications, including dimensions, material, finishes, and torque tightening requirements. Please contact a Tanner sales representative for further details.


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Break-Away Nut

Break-Away Nuts are designed to prevent unauthorized removal of and secure access to equipment and facilities.

Break-Away nuts are suitable for applications where removal of a fixture is not intended and when prevention of tampering is important. After tightening to the proper torque, the hex head breaks away, leaving a conical-shaped tamper-resistant nut .The nuts are used extensively in correctional institutions, hospitals, schools, public places, and retail stores to secure a variety of products


Break-Away nuts are manufactured from ZAMAC 5 zinc alloy and 18.8 stainless steel. The nuts are tapped to standard bolt dimensions and are also available tapped oversize for hot-dip galvanized fasteners.


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Lock-Out Security Screws

Lock-Out® Maximum Security Screws with a  unique drive, high torque, and tamper-resistant security fasteners.

Lock-Out® screws are new, innovative security fasteners featuring a unique patented drive that is engineered to perform in high torque applications. Lock-Out® security screws are manufactured under ISO compliance and feature a patented & licensed system that prevents unauthorized access to bolted or screwed compartments using custom key/drive configurations.


High Torque - tests prove that Parker’s unique Lock-Out® elliptical design disseminates torque across the entire face of the drive at many different impact angles allowing greater torque.


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Pin-In-Hex Socket Tamper-Resistant Security Screws

Pin-In-Hex Socket Screws feature a small metal post in the middle of the screw head that prevents a normal hex driver from engaging. Available in stainless steel in both machine screw and sheet metal screw styles. Pin-In-Hex Socket screws can only be installed with the correct security bit or key.


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