High-Performance Screw Anchors

One of the newer products put out by DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™, is the Screw-Bolt+™, a high-performance Screw Anchors. These screw anchors are one piece and have a finished hex head. Screw-Bolt+™ Anchors are very user friendly, with a simple installation process, easy identification, and are fully removable. They feature a patented thread design that is designed to be used with standard ANSI drill bits, which reduces installation torque and enhances productivity by reducing installation time. The heavy-duty steel threads tap into the drilled hole during installation to provide a keyed engagement and allow for reduced edge and spacing distances.

*NEW PRODUCT UPDATE* – Flat Head Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors

The NEW FlatHhead Screw-Bolt+ Screw Anchors are offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ diameter, with lengths ranging from 2-1/2″ – 5″. Manufactured from carbon steel with a bright zinc plated finish.


Available in 2 finishes…ScrewBolt+ Installation

Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors are Suitable for Installation in..

  • Normal-weight concrete
  • Sand-lightweight concrete
  • Concrete over steel deck
  • Concrete masonry
  • Solid clay brick

Will the Screw-Bolt+™ Be Replacing Any Products?ScrewBolt+

Yes, the Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors will be replacing (2) lines of Powers products: Wedge-Bolt® Screw Anchors and Wedge-Bolt+® Screw Anchors. There is still a limited amount of stock available for the (2) product lines, but once the stock is depleted there will be no more made. In regards to the 316 Stainless Steel Wedge-Bolt™, this product has transitioned to the DEWALT® Engineered by Powers™ brand and will continue to be manufactured.

Key Features & Benefits of the Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchors

  • Designed for standard ANSI tolerance drill bitsScrewBolt+ Head Marking
  • Patented thread design offers low installation torque
  • Tough threads for tapping high strength concrete
  • Ratchet teeth on underside of hex washer head lock against the fixture
  • Can be installed closer to the edge than traditional expansion anchors
  • Fully removable and reinstallable in same hole
  • Fast installation with powered impact wrench
  • Diameter, length and identifying marking stamped on head of each anchor
  • One-piece, finished head design

Screw-Bolt+™ Screw Anchor Approvals & Listings

  • International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-3889 for concrete. Code compliant with 2015 IBC, 2015 IRC, 2012 IBC, 2012 IRC, 2009 IBC, and 2009 IRC
  • Tested in accordance with ACI 355.2 and ICC-ES AC193 for use in structural applications in concrete under the design provisions of ACI 318 (Strength Design Method)
  • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for recognition in cracked and uncracked concrete including seismic and wind loading (Category 1 anchors)
  • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for reliability against brittle failure, e.g. hydrogen embrittlement

ScrewBolt+ Approvals Listings

Screw-Bolt+™ – User Approved, Performance Guaranteed