One of the most versatile and efficient rescue and descent system on the market today is the Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit. The Rollgliss R350 system provides quick, safe, and effortless operation with state of the art technology and design. The R350 is pre-rigged, so it is ready to be quickly installed right out of the bag. But what makes this system so unique is that it is completely customizable by adding optional pulleys. With these optional pulleys the user can change the hauling ratio from 2:1 to 5:1 for added versatility and safety. The Rollgliss R350 is used to rescue an individual by either raising or lowering the victim to the ground or next level. To use the R350 system, it first needs to be anchored above the victim with the self locking / self closing carabiner equipped with the system. After anchoring, the rescuer can lower themselves down and attach to the fallen victim. Once attached, the rescuer gently raises them both up to relieve the pressure from the victim’s SRL or Lanyard in order to detach them from it. After safely being detached from their fall protection gear the rescuer can either lower or raise them both to a safe working location. Along with its rescue and descent abilities, the Rollgliss R350 can also be used for personal riding or work positioning applications. For these applications the user will typically need a Full Body Harness, boatswain’s chair or workseat, independent personal fall protection system, and of course the Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning System.

  • Function: Rescue & Positioning
  • Capabilities: Rescue (Ascending & Descending) & Positioning
  • Material: Kernmantle Rope
Rollgliss Rescue and Descent Systems are especially known for their use and performance in demanding markets such as Wind Turbine Construction & Maintenance, Utility Pole/Tower Construction & Maintenance, Fire & Emergency Rescue Services, Military & Government Operations as well as Commercial Construction Sites, Industry and MRO Facilities and more!

Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit


  • Designed to be a component of a rescue or personnel riding system
  • Used for applications where personnel need to be raised or lowered over a vertical distance
  • Used for vertically positioning a worker
  • Used as part of a complete rescue system to rescue individuals from heights and depths or provide protection/rescue to persons trapped in confined spaces
  • Fixed and removable deflection pulleys available, can be changed quickly and easily from 2:1 to 5:1 hauling ratio
  • This equipment is intended to be installed and used by persons who have been properly trained in its correct application and use
  • Maximum weight: 1 Person = 310 lbs. (141 kg), 2 Person = 620 lbs. (281 kg)
  • Available lengths: 50 ft. (15.2m), 100 ft. (30.5m), 200 ft. (61m), and 300 ft. (91.4m)
  • Kit includes: rope unit, pulleys, rope control device, securing strap, anchoring sling, carabiners, and carrying bag


Additional Information

Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit Brochure

Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit Instruction Manual

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