Proto Tether-Ready Tools

Proto Tether-Ready Tools

Proto® Makes High Quality Affordable Tools with Safety in Mind

Save Money Before a Costly Mistake Happens

Proto® Industrial Tools, a business unit of Stanley Black and Decker Inc. has taken tool drop prevention to new heights. Proto® Tethered Tool Systems are designed to protect workers from the dangers of unsecured tools, while still being able to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Proto® has engineered their tools to include attachment points from the beginning, making tethering the tool a cinch. Along with this safety feature engineered into the tools, Proto® only uses high quality metals and precision machining to manufacture a durable tool that will work safely, reliably, and accurately for years of use.

Proto® Offers a Wide Variety of Tether-Ready Tools

Professionals in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industry will love the number of tethering solutions and tools Proto® makes. These include wrenches, impact sockets, torque wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, cutting & finishing tool and much more.

  • Sockets, Drive Tools, & Accessories – All Proto® Tethered Tool Sockets, Ratchets, and Torque Wrenches feature a Positive Control Pin Detent System. The Positive Control System requires a separate tool to attach or remove the socket, helping to eliminate accidental detachments.
  • Wrenches – Proto® Tethered Wrenches are specifically assembled with the correct Heat Shrink Loop. The wrench is secure and remains strong because no holes are bored through the handle.
  • Striking & Struck Tools – Proto® Tether Attachment Points will secure a striking tool without holes or welds that weaken or unbalance properly-made equipment.
  • Pliers – All Proto® Tethered Pliers integrate a Tether Attachment Point in the handle that sits in the heel of your hand. When the pliers open, the lanyard remains stationary in the hand and promotes a more natural use of the pliers.
  • Screwdrivers & Hex Keys – Proto® Tethered Hex Keys and Screwdrivers feature tool collars that tightly attach to the bar of the tool.

The SkyHook™ Transfer System Builds on Existing Carabiner Technology

For safe tool handling, Proto® has developed the SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System. The SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System provides secure tool transfers, a free range of motion, and positive tool control. It is comprised of switches, docks, lanyards and carabiners, all designed to make tool control as complete as possible with little interference to tool function. Check back in soon for more information on the SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System from Proto® Industrial Tools.