The International Building or Residential Codes (IBC and IRC) have been adopted in all 50 states. The building codes serve as the basic design and enforcement requirements that an owner, engineer, contractor, inspector, and/or code offical uses to produce safe structures today. It also applies to renovations of existing buildings requiring construction to meet current code requiremnets. These structures include everything from condos, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and high-rise construction to ordinary home construction.

There are several reasons why everyone should be buying, specifying, and using only concrete anchors that are code listed:

  • Code listed anchors normally offer significantly higher performance
  • Compliance with state and local building authorities’ regulations (AHJ)
  • Independent qualification and certification of product perfomance
  • Proof of usability and conformance in all 50 states
  • Usability and conformance in wind and seismic areas (Florida and California)
  • Increased product safety, reliability and confidence
  • Minimize risk for all applications (structural or non-structural)
  • Enforcement and penalties for noncompliance are costly
  • Building inspection for compliance is common


To see all available International Code Council, Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) Approved Anchors Available At Tanner click the link below. The PDF is hyperlinked, so clicking on the product picture will bring you directly to the products department for fast and efficient shopping. You can also save the PDF to your computer for future reference.

ICC-ES Code Compliant Anchors Available at Tanner PDF

ICC-ES Code Compliant Anchors Available at Tanner