OLFA – To Break a Blade

OLFA Invented the First Snap-Off Blade & Rotary Cutters

In 1956 OLFA invented the world’s first Snap-Off Blade Cutter and 23 years later the world’s first rotary cutter. Innovating and perfecting the way you safely cut materials has been OLFA’s goal ever since 1956. OLFA’s expansive line of knives and hand cutters have been the choice of professionals for years across numerous industries.

The Snap-Off Blade Cutter was designed to be an economical, yet safe and efficient way to provide users with a knife that would always allow them to have a sharp blade to work with. This breakthrough revolutionized the way people cut materials and in turn, greatly improved the work efficiency at the same time. OLFA’s angle and length of their Snap-Off Blades eventually became so popular and efficient, they soon were the world’s standards. Today, Snap-Off Blade Cutters are used worldwide.

OLFA Cutting Tool Offerings Added to Tanner WebsiteOLFA Products

Tanner is happy to announce we will now be offering OLFA’s wide range of cutting tools at TannerBolt.com. OLFA product we will be adding include:

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Closer Look at Product Additions

L-5 18mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife

The L-5 18mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife allows you to work with confidence. The L-5 includes a multi-purpose metal pick, perfect for opening paint cans, removing plate covers, cleaning out caulk and much more. This knife can be used for heavy duty applications such as construction, drywall, carpeting, & flooring.

L-5 OLFA Knife

  • 1. Ultra Sharp Black Blade, provides sharper initial cutting performance
  • 2. Stainless Steel Blade Channel, extends the full length of the knife and provides secure blade hold for ultimate cutting performance
  • 3. No Tool Blade Change, easier and quicker blade change
  • 4. Wrap Around Grip, anti-slip rubber grip improves control
  • 5. Handle Design, curved, ergonomic pistol shape
  • 6. Acetone Resistant Handle, chemical resistant in paint & MRO environments

Cut Safely with OLFA Safety Knives

Safety experts can’t get enough of OLFA’s Safety Knives. These knives are the finest quality, self retracting knives available. Designed with special safety features that help prevent injuries, protect merchandise and improve your bottom line. OLFA Safety Knives will provide you with years of performance, reliability and safety. The SK-4 Self-Retracting Safety Knife takes safety to the next level. Learn more about the SK-4 and see it in action below.OLFA SK-4 Knife

  • Self-Retracting Safety Knife
  • Textured, Slip-Resistant Handle
  • Curved Blade Slider
  • Spring Blade that Automatically Retracts
  • For Light to Heavy Duty Cutting