The Smart DI+ Drop-In is an all steel internally threaded anchor specifically designed with  safety, reliability and speed in mind. The patented Smart DI+ design reduces the amount of force required to set the anchor. What used to take approximately twenty hammer blows on a typical 3/8″ diameter part can now be accomplished in approximately 5 blows, reducing overall labor costs by approximately 50%. The cylindrical plug design concentrates more expansion at the bottom of the anchor where it’s needed to maximize performance.

Mechanical contractors and electrical contractors use drop-in style anchors to hang threaded rod from ceilings to run pipe supports, fire sprinklers, cable trays and strut. Concrete contractors use them for temporary form work. With the added feature that allows a contractor, general foreman or inspector to see if the anchor has been set, Smart DI+TM drop-in is not only easy to set but safer than conventional drop-in anchors.

Smart DI+  Drop-In has the highest safety rating in its class. That not only makes the choice smart, but easy!

Easy to use:
1. Drill the hole with Smart DI+ Bit
2. Lock on the Smart DI+ setting tool
3. Drive the plug with the same tool used to drill the anchor hole

Smart DI+ Drop-in Anchors are now in stock and ready for delivery. Watch the video