The Importance of Tool Drop Safety

In our last blog post we talked about the importance of Fall Protection and the ABC’s of Fall Safety. By following the ABC’s of Fall Safety you can safely work at heights without the fear of serious injury or even death. The ABC’s of Fall Safety focuses on keeping the user safely anchored while working, but what about the tools and equipment you are working with? Keeping these objects from falling is just as important as keeping yourself from falling. In 2013 out of the 828 worker fatalities in construction, 84 of those came from falling objects. A 4 lb. wrench dropped from 100 ft. will hit the ground with 1,002 lbs. of force per square inch. With that amount of force a person  struck by this object will surely face a life threatening injury if not instantly killed on impact. Along with being a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities each year, falling tools and equipment also contribute to additional costs to fix and/or replace damaged tool and equipment, along with causing delays to retrieve these falling objects. By having the correct Tool Drop Protection Equipment you can eliminate these dangers and keep you job site running safely and smoothly.

Impact Force of Dropped Objects

Python Safety –  The Leader in Tool Drop Prevention Products

Python Safety has been developing the perfect products for preventing dropped tools and equipment for over a decade now. Python’s innovative line of tool drop prevention products has made it the gold standard when it comes to drop prevention. Python’s drop prevention products will make any work environment safer and more productive, it will also help protect workers from hazards such as: personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss. All of Python Safety’s products have been third-party tested by Applied Technical Services (ATS), an Atlantic-based consulting engineering firm. ATS is ISO 9001 Certified and an accredited testing lab of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. ATS performs static and dynamic load tests to determine the safe working loads based on the products intended use. Here at Tanner we carry the full line of Python Safety Tool Drop Protection Products.


Python Safety Tool Drop Protection products can be broken down into 7 major categories:Python Third Party Tested ATS


Python Attachment Points allow the user to make any tool tetherable in a matter of moments without having to deface or modify the tool. Attachment Points include: D-Rings, Tool Cinches, Quick Wrap Tape, Heat Shrink Links, Quick Rings, and Quick Spins. Once your tool has a safe and reliable Attachment Point it is time to pick out a Lanyard or Tether to keep your tool secure and to avoid any possible dropping hazards. Tool Drop Lanyards & Tethers come in three different styles: Webbing, Bungee, and Coil. A great tether that can be used for most hand tools is the EXT-H2LBUNGEE – A 31″ Hook2Loop Bungee Tether that can stretch to 47″ and safely handle tools up to 10 lbs. Python Tool Belts were designed with tool drop prevention in mind. Each Tool Belt is compatible with Python Belt Attachment Points as well as Lanyards & Tethers, Holsters, and Pouches; truly making them fully customizable for your specific needs.

 Attachment Points - Lanyards & Tethers - Tool Belts

Tool Drop Holsters come in a wide variety of choices and can accommodate nearly any hand tool. The HOL-2TOOLBLT is a great choice when your job requires you to use more than just one tool. The Dual Tool Holster features two heavy duty 1″ D-Rings on each side for easy attaching. If your job requires you to use a cordless drill the HOL-BATTERY-LG is the way to go. The Battery Sleeve by Python Safety allows cordless drills and similar battery operated devices to be safely tethered when used at heights. A neoprene sleeve with an adjustable strap conforms to the shape and size of virtually any drill battery, which can then be secured using the included cinch. When using a cordless drill you will most likely need to carry a large amount of fasteners with you as well, but everyone knows spills are inevitable and lead to loss of  materials and potential hazards. To deal with this problem Python has designed the Small Parts Pouches, these pouches will stop accidental drops the moment something is put inside. Its innovative self closing system traps all your small parts inside and allows the user to easily retrieve them because no opening or closing is required.

Holsters - Buckets - Pouches

Python Safe Buckets are the perfect vessel to carry tools and materials up and down to your working area. Each Safe Bucket features a built in closure system and puncture resistant bottom to protect from accidental spills. They also come with 6 connection points that can be tethered too, along with a high quality aluminum carabiner for safe and reliable hoisting. To get the most out of you Safe Buckets you can also purchase the BKT-HBINSERT, this sturdy insert will transform your soft body Safe Bucket into a hard body Safe Bucket with extra storage pockets to help keep your tools and equipment organized.
Dopped Object Deflections