Capital Safety Improves Sharp Edge Protection with the New Nano-Lok Edge SRL

Capital Safety has developed and introduced a revolutionary new Self Retracting Lifeline that continues to add safety on the job site. The new Nano-Lok Edge is a back-mounted SRL specifically designed for foot level tie-off and sharp edge applications. I-beams normally have edge radii that can be as sharp as .005″. Typical lifelines would be cut or damaged on edges this sharp, but Nano-Lok Edge SRLs are designed to perform in these conditions. With an innovative combination of lifeline materials, energy absorption, and harness connection the Nano-Lok Edge reduces forces on both the worker and the edge. If safety is your #1 goal than Nano-Lok Edge is the SRL for you. Learn more and check out the Nano-Lok Edge in action with our supplemental video here.

Nano-Lok Edge Lifeline

Not only does the new Nano-Lok Edge decrease fall clearance requirements, but it also reduces potential trip hazards by retracting any unused lifeline. While traditional foot level tie-off products require a fall clearance of up to 18.5′, the Nano-Lok Edge requires a clearance as low as 16′. The Nano-Lok Edge is ergonomically designed for comfort while still meeting the most stringent safety standards. It comes in single and twin leg styles with numerous options of lifeline hooks. With the twin leg style the user can have continuous fall protection (100 % tie-off) while ascending, descending, or moving laterally.  Stop living on the edge and check out our full line of Nano-Lok Edge SRLs here.

Nano-Lok Edge Features and Benefits

Nano-Lok Edge Single and Twin Leg SRLs
Nano-Lok Edge Single and Twin Leg SRLs
    • The energy absorber and connector work together to limit forces to defeat sharp edges. Backpack design that stays tight to the harness and evenly disperses the unit’s weight.
    • Providing 360 degree rotation, the direct-to-harness connection provides seamless integration of the energy absorber and leaves the D-ring open for rescue or other equipment.
    • DBI-SALA universal icon to quickly and easily identify sharp edge product.
    • The 8′(2.4m) of 3/16″(5mm) cable provides maximum range of motion, durability, and cut resistance.
    • Lightweight thermoplastic housing provides maximum durability.
    • Designed to meet your unique needs, the Nano-Lok™ edge comes in many configurations.


Nano-Lok Edge Lifeline Hooks
Nano-Lok Edge Lifeline Hooks

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