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Security is a major concern on most people's minds these days. From securing correctional institutions to protecting from vandalism in public places, having the right security products makes all the difference. At Tanner we are your premier source for security fasteners and nuts, providing you with a variety of different products. When it comes to looking for security nuts, the level of protection required is a  determining factor for which type of nut you buy. You can choose from either tamper-resistant or tamper-proof security nuts. Tamper-resistant security nuts are extremely difficult to remove without the proper tools and tamper-proof security nuts have no removal tools making them nearly impossible to remove once they are installed. At Tanner, we offer a wide range of  Break-Away Nuts.


Break-Away Nuts are designed as a one-piece unit that has a break-away hex head that leaves a conical-shaped tamper-proof nut behind. These tamper-proof nuts are used extensively in places where high security is a major factor such as correctional institutions, hospitals, schools, public places, and retail stores. Break-Away Nuts help secure a variety of products, prevent unauthorized removal, and secure access to equipment and facilities. They can be used for a number of critical security fastening applications where removal of a fixture is not intended and when preventing tampering is important.


Break-Away Nuts are manufactured from either ZAMAC 5 zinc alloy or 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel variety provides greater corrosion resistance and boasts high-strength properties compared to the zinc alloy nuts. These security nuts are tapped to standard bolt dimensions.

ZAMAK 5 (AC41A) Material Specifications
Copper 0.75 - 1.25 Tensile Strenght PSI 47.600
Aluminum 3.5-4.3 Yield Strenght 39.000
Magnesium 0.003-0.05 Compressive Strenght 87.000
Iron (max) 0.1 Shear Strenght 38.000
Lead (max) 0.005 Elogation% inch per inch 7.0
Cadmium (max) 0.004 Hardness BHN 91
Tin (max) 0.003 Impact Strenght 48
Zinc (99.99%+ Purity) Remainder    
304 Stainless Steel Material Specifications
Cabon 0.08 0.2% Offset Yield Strength, PSI 30.00
Magnesium 2 Ultimate Tensile Strength, PSI 75.00
Phosphorus 0.045 Elogation% in 2 inch 40
Sulfur 0.03 Hardness, Max, Brinell 201
Chromium 0.75    
Cadmium (max) 18.0-20.0    
NIckel 8.0-10.5    
Aluminum 0.1    

Material Specification is applicable for Trident and Break-Away nuts.


If you are looking for a tamper-resistant security nut instead, be sure to check out our line of Trident Nuts. We have a number of different sizes available. Oversized, large-diameter trident nuts are available through special orders, contact us at 888-890-BOLT. For installation tools checkout our sockets and accessories to install these security nuts correctly.